St Patrick’s Day Easy and Fun Craft Ideas

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St Patrick’s Day always has a little bit of my heart as it is my Dad’s Birthday. My Dad is English so over the years we have celebrated St Patrick’s Day with a party or going out and having a Guinness.

This year we will have a party at home on the weekend and have lots of green things like green cupcakes and green smoothies and green decorations and lost of St Patrick’s Day crafts that the kids have made all over the place.

As we approach the 17th March the kids and I will be making lots of easy and fun crafts so I thought I would put together this post so you too can start making so really cool crafts with your kids.

Stained Glass Clover Craft

This stained glass clover craft is simple enough for preschoolers to do with adult help and delightful enough for older kids as well. So easy to make and looks wonderful once on your window.

Stained Glass Clover Craft idea

==> Find the tutorial for this Stained Glass Clover Craft here

3D Rainbow with Pot of Gold Craft

Make this 3d rainbow craft with pot of gold for St Patrick’s day using construction paper, and chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Easy for little kids to do and the colors of the rainbow are bright and fun.

3D Rainbow Craft

==> Find the tutorial for this 3D Rainbow Craft here

Leprechaun Trap

Help your child catch a leprechaun this year with their own leprechaun trap! All they need is a shoe box, some general craft supplies and their imagination!

Home made leprechaun trap

==> Find the tutorial for this Leprechaun Trap here

Leprechaun Hat Craft

Put your empty tin cans to good use with these adorable DIY Tin Can Leprechaun hats! Kids will love having a special place to store their treasures!

Tin Can Leprechaun hat craft

==> Find the tutorial for this Tin Can Leprechaun hat craft here

? St Patrick’s Day Treasure hunt and printable games will keep the kids entertained in between doing crafts and eating St Patrick’s Day sweets.

St Patrick’s Day Playdough

This edible St. Patrick’s Day Jello playdough is fun to play with. Your kids will love cutting out shamrocks and eating their tasty creations. The Jello gives the play dough a fun green tint and the sprinkles are an added bonus

St Patrick's Day Jello Playdough

==> Find the tutorial for this St Patrick’s Day Jello playdough here

Leprechaun Gnome Paper Craft

Here is a cute Leprechaun Gnome Paper Craft! Make this cute gnome (who doesn’t love gnomes?) with simple items and a FREE printable template included here.

Leprechaun Gnome Paper Crafts

==> Find the tutorial for this Leprechaun Gnome Paper Craft here

Leprechaun Toilet Roll Crafts for Kids

Looking for a fun St Patrick’s Day Craft for kids? Check out this fun Leprechaun Toilet paper roll craft that’s simply magical. Little kids might need some help to color him in.

Leprechaun Toilet Roll Craft

==> Find the tutorial for this Leprechaun Toilet Roll Craft here

Happy St Patrick’s Day Printables

This are a really cute craft to make as we know most kids love chocolate so these gold chocolate coins are so easy to do, as all you need to do is print these Free Printable gift tags off and tie them to your gold coins.
Great as gifts for friends at school or party favors.

Happy St Patrick's Day Gift Tags

Get your free printables from Kenarry

Footprint Four Leaf Clover

This four leaf clover using footprints is such a wonderful idea, as you can keep it for years to come and see how much your kiddos have grown.

Kids love to get there hands and feet covered in paint as it feels slimmy and cold and tickles a little.

Very easy to make as all you need is cardstock, paint and little people feet.

footprint four leaf clover

==> Find the tutorial for this cute Footprint Four Leaf Clover here

St Paddy’s Day Paper Crafts

These paper craft four leaf clovers are lovely and I really LOVE the shade of green that has been used.

Follow the instructions here to make a Easy St Patrick’s Day Decoration

Shamrock suncatcher: These are really cute and easy to make, toddlers and preschoolers will be able to make these easily.

Shamrock Man

Another cute Idea that the little ones will be able to make and think are pretty neat.

St Patrick’s Day Crafts are pretty easy to make if you have green and gold, four leaf clovers and rainbows you will be pretty much set so have a go the kids will love it.

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