Unicorn Craft – Fun and Easy Unicorn Crafts for Kids

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Do your kids Love unicorns? Then they will LOVE this list of cute, fun and easy unicorn crafts for kids! Unicorn craft is pink, turquoise, purple, white and sparkles and all things girlie.

My daughter has always been in love with unicorns. She loved doing this Unicorn Treasure Hunt and when friends come over she always gets it out for them to do.

You could even pick a Unicorn birthday party theme if you are so in love with them. I was really excited to find all the magical Unicorn Crafts for kids to make.

What a fun way to spend an afternoon with your kids making these crafts, let your imagination go as well as I am sure you could come up with you own ideas once you start.

You most probably have a lot of the craft supplies lying around your home so lets get started.

Little girl making a Unicorn out of craft items

Unicorn Slime

This sparkly, colorful slime will surely be a hit with all little girls who love Unicorns and love slime. Follow this easy recipe to make this slime and I suspect you will be making it often.

==> Find the tutorial for this Unicorn slime here

Unicorn Toilet Roll Craft

These fun Unicorn toilet paper roll crafts are great for kids! Easy DIY crafts the kids will love to make.

# Toilet Rolls covered in colored paper and made to look like Unicorns

==> Find the tutorial for these Unicorn Toilet Roll Crafts here

Unicorn Wand

Looking for a fun Unicorn craft idea? Here’s the perfect Unicorn Wand craft. This easy to make wand will bring hours of fun and enjoyment! The printable is included to make the Unicorn for the wand.

Unicorn wand craft for kids to make

==> Find the tutorial for this cute Unicorn Wand here

Unicorn Headband Craft

This adorable unicorn headband is a fun and simple project for kids to make. Plus, it comes with a free printable template

Unicorn Headband

==> Find the tutorial for this gorgeous Unicorn Headband craft here

Unicorn Puppet

Make an easy DIY unicorn paper bag puppet with this free printable template! So cute for the little ones to make.

Unicorn Puppet

==> Find the tutorial for this cute Unicorn Puppet here

Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

I do like the easy crafts I can do with my kids as they finish them quick and think they are amazing, keeps them focused and smiles galore when they are completed so this Unicorn Paper Plate craft is fun for my as really simple.

Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

==> Find the tutorial for this Unicorn paper plate craft here

Handprint Unicorn Craft

Use your child’s hand print on a piece of paper and add some colored wool and gold horn and black pen as hoofs and there you have it. Great to keep mas a memento for your child’s hand size.

Handprint Unicorn Craft

==> Find the tutorial for this cute Handprint Unicorn Craft here

I Love Unicorns craftsI Love Unicorns craftsI Love Unicorns craftsPaint Your Own UnicornsPaint Your Own UnicornsPaint Your Own UnicornsDecorate-Your-OwnDecorate-Your-OwnDecorate-Your-Own


Unicorn Gift Bags

Using a paper bag for this Unicorn gift bag craft is so easy to get then kids to make, they can use their imagination and make them as plain or colorful as they like, adding embellishments and glitter will really make them come to magical life

Unicorn Gift Bags pink and blue made crafts

==> Find the tutorial for these Unicorn Gift Bags here

No Sew Unicorn Pouch

Turn heads with a pretty, no sew felt Unicorn Pouch, custom designed by you! All you need is felt and a good quality glue gun to hold everything in place!

No sew Unicorn felt pouch pretty unicorn face and flowers

==> Find the tutorial of how to make this No Sew Unicorn Pouches here

Unicorn Paper Craft

These are really colorful and your going to love how easy they are, you need a paper roll, cardstock, colorful string or wool to use as the Mane, scissors, glue and pens. So easy and the kids can do most of this with just a little bit of help.

Unicorn made out of toilet roll and craft paper, wool and popsicle sticks

Unicorn DreamCatcher

I am in love with these, my daughter LOVES making dreamcatchers and why did we never think about making these ourselves. This is why I love Pinterest as I can find some magical inspirational ideas and this is definitely one of them. Click the link below to find out how. I am in Love.

Hope you have fun with making these magical fun Unicorn Crafts. Loads of great ideas and lots of color which I love. Enjoy.

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Unicorn Craft- Fun & Easy Unicorn Crafts for kids. Pinterest Pin

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