Easy Baby Shower Lunch Menu Ideas (Non Stressful)

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Fun and Easy Baby Shower Lunch Menu Ideas That Will Take The Stress Out Of Your Party!

Organizing a Baby Shower and need some Delicious and Easy baby shower lunch menu ideas? Wondering what to serve?

Whether you are organizing a baby shower on a budget or you have an unlimited budget there are plenty of great ideas so I am sure you will find some that suit you.

If you are having a sit-down baby shower then you will need to serve full on plated meals and this might be best for a catering company or you might have very talented family and friends who want to do this for you.

Putting on a lunch Baby shower is a great idea as you will see you can do all different sorts of foods. Menu for baby shower lunch can be what you choose. I love the idea of writing it all down first to get it correct.

That is a choice you need to make or if you want something a little less stressful then the trend at the moment seems to be more about having finger foods at a baby shower so I have made this post more about that then a sit down lunch.

The great thing about finger food is it can be made in advance, is a cheaper option and that is always great if you are doing a Baby Shower on a budget.

Finger foods I feel are a little more conversational as you usually stand around in groups and chat and you can move around to other guests as you please, whereas when you are seated like at a dinner party you are sat next to the same person and if you have a big group you will not be able to chat with the person down the other end of the table.

Appetizers or finger foods can be made well in advance so less stress on the day and then just heat if need be and serve, so the pressure is off.

I also notice that many friends will take platters around as they like to meet and mingle with guests or you could just have a grazing table that people can just go to when they are hungry or thirsty.

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Baby shower finger food ideas budget ideas that will not blow the budget but can look and taste amazing. You really can have a wonderful baby shower which is on a budget but is till awesome.

Make Ahead Food For Baby Shower

I love the idea of making food a head of time as I don’t want to be rushed on the day and stressed out. If you  have most of the ingredients made in advanced then just takes a little time for you (or some wonderful friends) can easily be put together. Here are some make ahead appetizer ideas:

Baby Shower Food Ideas on Pinterest

Pinterest is my go to place when organizing anything in my life lol. I am a real visual person so I love images more than words. You can find just about anything on Pinterest so you can head on over there and checkout some gorgeous baby shower food Ideas.

Elegant Baby Shower Brunch Ideas

Maybe a brunch is what you want for your baby shower. Such a great idea, brunch is you don’t know is a combination or Breakfast and Lunch and is usually held mid morning. I have notice that a lot of cafes these days will have brunch all day not sure what is up with that, maybe because they are very popular meals.

Helpful Baby Shower Party Ideas

Need loads of different ideas to help you prepare your baby shower?

Do you need DIY Party Ideas?

Printable Games

Diaper Cakes Tutorial

Baby sock Bouquet Ideas

Budget Friendly Gifts

Some great recipes below:

How to plan a baby shower on a small budget: If this is something you are keen to do but not sure where to start then why not check out my posts on: Budget Friendly Baby Shower Present Ideas and DIY Baby Shower Decorations on a budget. You can also checkout my Baby Shower Printables games which are really cheap and they print out just gorgeous and you will have such a great laugh and fun times.

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Pretty Pink Baby Shower Cupcakes and Lunch Menu Ideas
Easy Baby Shower Lunch Menu Ideas

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