DIY Fun and Creative EGG-Cellent Easter Craft Ideas For the Whole Family to Enjoy.!

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My kids want to do some crafts and baking for Easter and as I LOVE crafts and baking – mostly eating the finished products 🙂 I was so happy to help them out with these DIY Fun and Creative Easter Craft Ideas.

DIY Fun and Creative Egg-Cellent Easter Craft Ideas-fb

I had a look around the house to see what we had and what we needed to make some great things.

First thing we wanted to make was colored eggs as they are quite a simple thing to start with then we thought about making easter baskets and then bunnies and then and then and then…… we just could not stop coming up with ideas. Easter reminds me of Spring so all those wonderful colors of spring like Pinks, Blues, Lilac, grassy green also tulips, daffodils and blossoms.

Painted Your Own Easter Eggs

Colored Eggs are really easy to make you can just paint them or tie dye them or even do fancy pictures on them.

Cool ways To Paint Your Own Easter Eggs

Check out these cool Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Easter Printables Coloring Pages

Want some coloring pages with Easter themes for the kids to color in then grab these 6 Easter Coloring pages inside this fun Easter Printables Pack, the kids will love coloring them in and then you can put them on the fridge for everyone to see.

Easter Printable Pack

DIY Speckled Eggs

I do love these speckled eggs they are not just a DIY craft for the kids to do these can be used as ornaments or display around the house for Easter. Not hard to make but These will need an adult to help to make these as you will need to use spray paint.

DIY Speckled Eggs for Easter

==>Find the full tutorial to make these DIY Speckled Eggs here

DIY Candy Fill Chocolate Easter Eggs

If you have seen the movie ‘HOP’ then these surprise candy filled chocolate eggs will be something that will remind you of the movie and your little ones will be delighted.

DIY Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

==>Find the full tutorial to make these Surprise Candy Filled Easter Eggs

Easter Cupcakes

I feel like baking cupcakes and making the icing pastel colors, I love using Egg cartons as that also represents Easter to us. Cupcakes are always fun to make with kids as you know they will eat them up.

Easter Cupcakes

Easter Covered Cookies

I really love baking cookies, so icing them is also part of the fun, they do need a little bit of patience if you want them to look amazing or you can get the kids involved and once you have baked the oval biscuits then they can ice them as they please. There are also many different Easter cookies cutters like Bunnies, Bunnie Ears and egg shapes so go hoppy mad..!!!

DIY Easter Cookies

2-Piece Peeps Cookie Cutter Set2-Piece Peeps Cookie Cutter Set2-Piece Peeps Cookie Cutter SetEaster Cookie Cutter SetEaster Cookie Cutter SetEaster Cookie Cutter SetMilk Chocolate Covered OREO CookiesMilk Chocolate Covered OREO CookiesMilk Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies

Chocolate Easter Egg Molds

You can also buy molds to make Chocolate Eggs which would be something fun to do together. As you see by these product it has the patterns on it already so you can paint them different colors to make it more fun.

Easter Egg Shaped Silicone MoldEaster Egg Shaped Silicone MoldEaster Egg Shaped Silicone MoldChocolate Candy 3 D Mold SetChocolate Candy 3 D Mold SetChocolate Candy 3 D Mold SetEgg-shaped Chocolate moldsEgg-shaped Chocolate moldsEgg-shaped Chocolate molds

Easter Card Making

Why not make your Easter Cards this year. These cute little cards which come with templates and instructions would be such a wonderful idea.

Easter Mice Card Making kit

==>Find the full tutorial to make these Easter Mice Card in a Card Making Kits

Easter Egg Hunt

Kids love looking for Easter eggs so why not hold an Easter Egg Hunt, outdoors is perfect. You can spend some time making a treasure map for them to follow and leave clues as to where the eggs may be hidden. It will keep them entertained for hours and they will be so happy and also not sticky chocolate-covered finger prints all over the house… win win situation.

Easter Egg Hunt For Kids
Easy Easter craft ideas

13 Spring Crafts: Easter Craft Ideas13 Spring Crafts: Easter Craft Ideas13 Spring Crafts: Easter Craft IdeasDIY: Do It Yourself Easter CraftsDIY: Do It Yourself Easter CraftsDIY: Do It Yourself Easter CraftsEaster Eggs decorating ideasEaster Eggs decorating ideasEaster Eggs decorating ideas

Stand Up Paper Easter Eggs

These Stand Up Paper Eggs look amazing and not that hard to make really. Cindy at LittleMissCelebration says if you you can cut and fold paper then you can make these.

I have just ordered some Cardstock and these are definitely on our list of things to make I love them.

Cindy shows you how to make these at her blog she has lots of photos and easy to follow instructions, so go check it out here is the link LittleMissCelebration

Crafts are fun and with kids all the more fun get busy be creative and enjoy the time with your family.

Fun Easter Party Printables

What some party Printables to make your party look awesome? Here I have some Fun Easter Party Printables that you can print at home and have fun with the word search and Bingo also make Easter Cupcake toppers and gift labels for gift bags.

Fun Easter Party Printables
Fun Easter Party Printables

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