Baby Shower Diaper Cake Tutorial

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What is a Diaper Cake

A diaper cake is exactly what it sounds like…. A cake made of diapers, yes I know it sounds a little strange but it is perfect idea for a baby shower or even a gift when baby is born.

The diapers will come in very handy and most of the embellishments will be gifts for your new baby little teddies and onesies and mittens, socks, lotions or washcloths.

What is the Purpose of a Diaper Cake

Diaper cake Tutorial how to make it

A Diaper Cake is a gift and it is the perfect way to turn simple diapers and toys in to something magical that is very practical as just about all of the cake can be used for baby.

How Many Diapers Do You Need to Make a Diaper Cake

This does depend on how big you want to make the diaper cake and that is a personal preference but most of the cake sizes use around 50 to 75 newborn or size 1 diapers.

Which is about the amount in a box of nappies. So although the questions how many diapers for a diaper cake is very ambiguous there are quite a few standard size diaper cakes that will require up to 75, but then if you want to get very ambitious you could make motorbike diaper cakes or baby basket diaper cakes.

What Size Diapers Do You Use for a Diaper Cake

Newborn or size 1 is the best size as you don’t want the cake to be ginormous. You can use what size you want or what size diaper the Mom to Be suggests she will be using when baby has arrived. If you go the next size up (size 2) then she can leave the cake to admire a little longer but if she wants to use them straight away then size 1. I use the newborn ones to make my Nappy Cakes as most babies need changing LOTS so I don’t think she will not use them.

This questions is asked most what size diapers for diaper cake and I will say it is not 100% set in stone to use newborn ones but propably the most popular option.

How to make a diaper cake with newborn diapers the tutorial will follow but again if you want to use other sizes feel free the cake will just end up being a little bigger.

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What’s Needed for a Diaper Cake

  1. Diapers
  2. Cake round or thick card stock
  3. Paper Towel Roll
  4. Rubber bands
  5. Curling Ribbon or elastic
  6. Embellishments
  7. Soft Toy (optional)
  8. Lotions (optional)
  9. Assortment of Gifts
What is needed to make a Diaper Cake

Ok lets get started: diaper cake instructions here

This is for a 3 Tier Diaper cake if you want to make a 2 tier that is totally fine just omit the last layer easy as that.

Box of diapers preferable 50-75 size 1 this is hoe to make diaper cake with newborn diapers as they are the best size I feel as the bigger the diapers the bigger the cake will be.

I use 58 Diapers for this particular diaper cake

Step 1: Roll Up Diapers

First you need to roll up each diaper and secure with a rubber band, the little hair ones are the best.

I use a cake round as my base but some tutorials just use a plate from the dollar store which is fine as the Mommy can use it later. You can use a paper towel roll as the stabilizer and I find this is the easiest way unless you are using a bottle on the top layer as a gift then.

Once you have all you diapers rolled up and secure you need to group them in layers.

Step 2: Hot Glue Paper Towel Roll

Take your paper towel roll and hot glue around one edge the glue it to you 14 inch cake circle and hold the roll in place so it has time to stick.

Mini Hot Melt Glue GunMini Hot Melt Glue GunMini Hot Melt Glue GunCurling RibbonCurling RibbonCurling RibbonMulticolor Rubber BandsMulticolor Rubber BandsMulticolor Rubber Bands

Step 3: Make Base Tier

I use 34 diapers for the bottom layer so place them standing up around paper roll and work in wards to outwards.

Start with 6 diapers the use curling ribbon or elastic and tie those 6 around the paper towel roll. If you like you can remove the rubber bands for a cleaner look but that is totally up to you.

Diaper Cake Teir 1

Then repeat with 11 diapers, tie curling ribbon as you did with previous step.

Diaper Cake Teir 1 layer 2

Final layer of base tier is to use 17 diapers, repeat as you did in previous step

Diaper Cake Teir 1 Layer 3

The bottom layer is complete that was not that hard was it?

Step 4: Make second Tier

This layer uses 18 Diapers

Start again with 6 around you paper towel roll, tie with curling ribbon, next use 12 diapers and repeat by securing them around the 6 and tie off with curling ribbon. That is your second tier completed.

Diaper Cake Teir 2

Step 5: Make Top Tier

For the final tier we are just going to use 6 Diapers, so exactly as you have done it steps 3 & 4. Use 6 diapers around the paper towel roll, tie off with curling ribbon or elastic. Then your diaper cake is almost done, the hardest part is done now you just need to add decorative ribbon and embellishments.

Baby Shower Diaper Cake-Finished layers

Step 6: Decorate

Use Thick and Thin Ribbon to tie around the layers this gives it a lovely look and you can go crazy as you want, by adding as many embellishments as you like. I found scrapbooking stickers work great as well.

Step 7: Cake Topper

Use anything you like such as a bottle, soft toy, flowers, or what  ever you r theme is like Unicorn mask or Nautical anchor or Dinosaurs or Giraffe toy.

I like to them wrap my diaper cakes up in cellophane and tie ribbon around the top, It makes it look like a real gift.

This tutorial of step by step instructions on how to make your own diaper cake, should really show you that just about anyone can make one of these and I know if I got this as a baby shower gift I would have been so thankful and happy. These 3 tier diaper cake instructions can be modified to make a 2 tier diaper cake.

Baby shower diaper cakes are a lovely surprise for the mom to be if you think you would love to make one then have a try, really they are not too hard.

Pink Diaper Cake

How To Make A Diaper Cake Video

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diaper cake instructions
diaper cake instructions

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