Fancy Halloween Themed Desserts

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Halloween is here yippee! I LOVE Halloween and making spooky fun treats and desserts for my kiddos and family is my all time highlight.

Fancy Halloween Themed Desserts and cookies on a plate

I am so enthusiastic at Halloween time to get in the kitchen and bake, bake, bake. I usually start testing and trialing new recipes the first week in October and it goes on until Halloween and then It may or may not continue with some yummy Christmas desserts.

My husband has gone completely mad by then. I think he cannot wait until the first of January, for things to get back to normal ha ha.

Halloween Mummy Cake Pops

Cake Pops are a all time favorite so making these scary Mummy ones will be a little fancy this year

Halloween Mummy Cake Pops

==> Find the recipes for these Halloween Mummy Cake Pops Here

Monster Brownies

Wow look at these fancy colorful monster brownies I must say they are very appealing to look at, kids will snatch these up in seconds as they taste just as fancy as they look.

Colorful Fancy Monster Brownies in purple, green and orange with googly eyes

==> Find the recipes for these Fancy Monster Brownies Here

?Spooky Food and Drinks for your Halloween Party?

Spooky Pudding Cups

These Spooky Pudding Cups are a super easy and fun Halloween dessert to make with the kids. They look so cute and fun.

Spook Pudding Cups

==> Find the recipes for these Spooky Pudding Cups Here

Spooky Spider Web

How amazing does this cake look. I can imagine the kids faces when they see this at your Halloween party love the iridescent green for the web.

Spooky spider web cake

==> Find the recipes for these Spooky Spider Web Cake Here

Spooky Graham Crackers

So easy to make but how fancy do they look? Spooky or cute what do you think. Only need a couple of ingredients and you have these chocolate covered graham crackers ready for your Halloween party

Spooky graham crackers on a plate

==> Find the recipes for these Spooky Graham Crackers Here

Ghost Mini Muffins

Wow what a fancy way to make plain muffins scary. Kids can do these ghost mini muffins so easily and they will be so proud of themselves.

Ghost Mini Muffins with googly eyes

==> Find the recipes for these Ghost Mini Muffins Here

Graveyard Halloween Treats

Unexpected surprise when you cut through this treat and see the orange treat hidden beneath the dirt (oreo cookies) Love the idea of making this for your street Halloween party.

==> Find the recipes for these Halloween Graveyard Treats Here

Halloween Oreo Cupcakes

Fancy fun and a little bit scary are these Halloween oreo cupcakes that will wow your crowd

Colorful Halloween cupcakes

==> Find the recipes for these Halloween Oreo Cupcakes Here

Monster Mash Halloween Cheesecake Bars

Halloween is all about how fancy and good everything looks and these sure do not disappoint with Green, Purple, Orange and Black colors together in this Monster Mash cheesecake bar.

Cheesecake slice made for Halloween, green, purple, orange with googly eyes

==> Find the recipes for these Monster Mash Halloween Cheesecake bars Here

Popcorn Halloween Treats

Adding some spookiness to you Halloween treats this year by making these very cool Halloween Popcorn balls

==> Find the recipes for these Popcorn Halloween Balls Here

Spooky Eyeball Cupcakes

Spooky but yummy are these eyeball cupcakes. If you want to scare your guest then these will do it

Spooky Eyeball Cupcakes

Eyeball CandyEyeball CandyEyeball CandyHalloween Sprinkle ToppingHalloween Sprinkle ToppingHalloween Sprinkle ToppingGummi Teeth CandyGummi Teeth CandyGummi Teeth Candy


Eyeball Cupcakes

eyeball looking cupcakes for Halloween

==> Find the recipes for these Eyeball Cupcakes Here

Witch Hat Cupcakes

These look a little tricky but once you follow the recipe you will realize they are not that hard you just need a little patience

Cupcakes with black pained cone on it to look like a witches hat with green purple and orange icing

==> Find the recipes for these Witch Hat Cupcakes Here

Mummy Halloween Cookies

These spooky no bake Mummy cookies are easy Halloween treats that anyone can make. They are whipped up with only 3 ingredients and in a few minutes

Mummy Halloween Cookies

==> Find the recipes for these Halloween Mummy Cookies Here

Halloween Cookies

How about making these to hand out to the kids trick or treating instead of chocolate bars

3 plates of Halloween Cookies

==> Find the recipes for these Halloween Cookies Here

Green Monster Cupcakes

These green monster cupcakes are so simple and easy to make and they are little bit fancy as well

Green Monster Cupcakes

==> Find the recipes for these Green Monster Cupcakes Here

Candy Corn Mason Jars Cookies

These candy corn inspired cookies are a fabulous idea and having the yellow, orange and white candy corn colors is so pretty.

Candy Corn Mason Jar looking cookies

==> Find the recipes for these Candy Corn Mason Jar Looking Cookies Here

Halloween Misfortune Cookies

You can add any note into your cookies- be fun and light or dark and spooky totally up to you

Misfortune cookies with spooky notes

==> Find the recipes for these Halloween Misfortune Cookies Here

Wow how fancy and spooky are all these wonderful Halloween Treats and dessert, you sure will have an amazing party if you can make some of these amazing treats. Hope you have your front porch decorated and ready for all the kids coming this Halloween

Collage of Halloween Themed Desserts Pinterest pin

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