DIY Unicorn Rubber Duck Soap

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Who says you can’t make something fun out of everyday items? With a few simple supplies and some imagination, you can create your very own DIY Unicorn Rubber Duck Soap! This crafty project is perfect for anyone who loves unicorns or rubber ducks. Whether you’re looking to give as a gift or just have some creative fun, this soap making tutorial will show you how to make the cutest unicorn duck soap around. Let’s get started!

DIY Unicorn Rubber Duck Soap

Supplies Needed To Make the Layered Unicorn Rubber Ducky Soaps

Supplies Needed for the DIY rubber duck Soaps:

DIY Unicorn Rubber Duck Soap Ingredients

**This product has many facets of use in a soap. It is a fragrance solubilize and stabilizer and it lends an added level of moisturizing for your skin.

***If using on children, please check a trusted source for the safe amount to use.

Equipment Needed:

How to make the Unicorn Rubber Duck soap

Directions for Preparing the Soap:

Step 1: In a microwave safe container, heat the whipped soap base in 20 second bursts. Stir in between each. Continue until completely melted.

Step 2: In 3 microwave safe measuring cups, evenly divide the clear melt & pour soap. Melt each according to the directions from Step 1. Add 5 drops of the scented oil and 1 teaspoon of the Polysorbate 80 to each measuring cup.

Steps 3-4: Add ½ teaspoon of the mica colorant to each measuring cup. Stir until fully incorporated. Add an additional ¼ to ½ teaspoon and stir if you want a darker shade.

DIY Unicorn Rubber Duck Soap Ingredients and steps

Directions for Layering the Soap:

Step 5: Spray each cavity of the mold with the rubbing alcohol. Fill each cavity 1/3 full of soap. (You can do the same color combination for all the bars or switch it up like we did and made each bar of soap different.) Spray with the alcohol and allow to harden completely before moving on to the next layer.

Step 6: Once the soap in the 1st layer is hard, spray each cavity with the rubbing alcohol. Place one rubber ducky in the middle of each cavity. Fill each cavity the 2nd 1/3 full of the next color of soap (re-heat if necessary). Spray with the alcohol and allow to harden completely before moving on to the next layer.

Step 7: Once the soap in the 2nd layer is hard, spray each cavity with the rubbing alcohol. Fill each cavity to the top with the next color of soap (re-heat if necessary). Spray with the alcohol and allow the soaps to harden completely (at least an hour). Gently pop the soaps from the mold and enjoy!


  • The use of the rubbing alcohol in between layers is to help them stick together. Spraying the alcohol on the top layer is to prevent bubbles from forming.
  • Adding the whipped soap adds a lightness to the soaps.
  • You can melt the soap in all 3 measuring cups in one “assembly” line or you can do each one before each layer. If you do all 3 ahead of time, you may need to re-heat the soaps as they will have begun to harden before you get to the following layers.
  • Makes 3-4 ounce, 3”x2” size bars (approximate measurements)
DIY Unicorn Rubber Duck Soap

Recipe notes and tips:

While the recipe is straightforward, it is always nice to have a few different tips and suggestions to make things easier. So here are some of the recipe notes and tips to help you out:

  • Make sure to have all the ingredients and supplies on hand before beginning.
  • Use high quality glycerin soap for the best results.
  • If using colors, use only water-soluble colorants.
  • Be sure to wear gloves when handling the soap as it can irritate skin.
  • If you want to add extra decorations, use food-safe glitter.
  • If scenting with essential oils, do so very sparingly as too much can cause skin irritation.
  • When making multiple batches at once, it’s best to make each one separately before moving on to the next. This will help keep the colors and layers distinct.

Variations to try:

Like with many recipes there will always be variations to try. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Use different color combinations to create a rainbow effect.
  • Create shapes or use molds to make your soaps into fun custom creations.
  • Add in glitter and sparkles for a bit of extra dazzle.
  • Substitute the essential oils with fragrance oils for a stronger scent.
  • Layer the colors in different ways, such as top to bottom or side to side.
  • Try using different soaps for each layer if you want to play around with the colors and textures.

No matter how you make your unicorn rubber duck soap, have fun with it! It’s a great way to get creative and relax at the same time. We hope this Rubber duck soap tutorial has helped.

DIY Unicorn Rubber Duck Soap on yellow facecloth


Like with any recipe, there are often questions that need answering. I thought I would share some of the common questions here, but if you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly.

Does this soap need to be cured?

Yes, the soap should be left to cure for at least four weeks. This will help ensure that all the lye has been properly neutralized and the soap is safe to use.

Can I add other decorations like glitter or sprinkles?

Absolutely! Food-safe glitter and sprinkles are perfectly safe to use in this soap. Just be sure not to add too much as it can add unwanted oils or fragrances.

Can I substitute the essential oils for something else?

Yes, you can substitute the essential oils for fragrance oils. Just be sure to use a skin safe oil and not something that might irritate the skin.

How long does this soap last?

When stored in cool, dry conditions and away from direct sunlight, your soaps should last for up to one year. However, it’s always best to use the soaps within six months to ensure that they are still fresh and haven’t gone bad.

Can I use the same colors for all three layers?

Yes, you can absolutely use the same colors for all three layers. Just be sure to mix up the soap bases so each layer has a slightly different effect. BUT to get the desired unicorn effect they layers should be different colors.

I hope this helps to answer some of your questions about making DIY unicorn rubber duck soap! Have fun and enjoy the process – it’s such a great way to get creative!

Making your own homemade layered unicorn rubber duck soaps is a fun and creative way to relax while also creating something special. With the right ingredients, colors, decorations and essential oils you can make beautiful customized creations that are perfect for any occasion or simply just because! You’ll be sure to impress everyone with these unique handmade gifts! So why not give it a try today? All you need is some patience and creativity, the rest will come naturally! These are great as gifts but also as rubber ducky soap favors for parties or baby showers

Cute and Adorable Unicorn Soap

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