Unicorn Baby Shower

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If you are looking for some inspiration for your upcoming baby shower, look no further! This blog post is full of ideas that will help you create a unicorn themed event that your guests will love. From decorations to food and favors, we have got you covered. So get ready to party like a unicorn!

Unicorn Party Table with Unicorn cake and Pinata

Unicorn Themed Baby Shower Ideas for a Magical Party

If you are thinking of having a Unicorn Baby Shower then that is just such a gorgeous Ideas as all little girls LOVE Unicorns.

I know getting a baby shower together is a lot of work and you want it to be perfect and all matching and everyone to have a wonderful time. I have put together all the essential things you will need to pull it off from cake, to Balloons, to Baby Shower Games to a Pinata for a laugh and Favors.

Unicorn Baby Shower

Unicorn Decorations

Start your event off on the right foot with some beautiful unicorn themed decorations. You can hang banners that say things like “A magical new arrival” or “A little bit of magic coming your way”. Cover your tables in sparkly tablecloths and use Unicorn confetti as part of your centerpieces.

Having a Baby Shower or just a party you always want to decorate it with the theme of the party so why not try this gorgeous Unicorn Flower Backdrop to have use in the photos or these cute Mason Jars to use as centerpieces on tables or just put them randomly around the house. Really stunning Unicorn Party Ideas and add what you like to your baby shower.

Unicorn Flower BackdropUnicorn Flower BackdropBuy at EtsyUnicorn Mason JarsUnicorn Mason JarsBuy at Etsy

Unicorn Themed Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

If you decide on a Unicorn themed baby shower it does not have to be all unicorns and rainbows you can have these really gorgeous balloons covered in tule but use Balloons that are the themes colors they look really stunning and will ad a touch of class but still tie in with your theme.

Unicorn Themed Baby Shower decoration ideas

Unicorn Party Streamer BackdropUnicorn Party Streamer BackdropBuy at EtsyUnicorn Pastels Paper GarlandUnicorn Pastels Paper GarlandBuy at Etsy

These backdrops are a fabulous idea for any party but these cute Unicorn Pastel colors are just what you need for a Unicorn Baby Shower.

Your Unicorn Baby Shower is going to look amazing with all these great ideas. Try to keep the colors all the pastel pinks, mauves and gold and you will be winning.

Unicorn Cake

A Cake is a must at any Baby shower and you might want to get this one made by a professional or if you have a very talented friend BUT my oh my isn’t it gorgeous.?

Gorgeous Unicorn Cake, Just so divine and pretty

A Baby shower just isn’t a Baby shower without a Cake. And this unicorn cake, with its 4 tiers, rainbows and unicorns and beautiful ribbon, is just perfect. It’s the kind of cake that you’ll want to keep forever, as a reminder of this special time in your life.

Of course, if you’re not a baker yourself, you’ll need to find someone who can make your cake for you. But it will be worth it, because the cake will be the talk of the party. And your friends will be so impressed that they’ll want to get one made for their own Baby showers. Keeping with the theme and having a unicorn cake will just make the perfect day even more special. Adding cake toppers and unicorn decorations will definitely add the the magical cake.


Unicorn Cake ToppersUnicorn Cake ToppersUnicorn Cake ToppersUnicorn Birthday Party SetUnicorn Birthday Party SetUnicorn Birthday Party SetUnicorn Cupcake ToppersUnicorn Cupcake ToppersUnicorn Cupcake Toppers

Unicorn Themed Food

No party is complete without some delicious food, and your baby shower is no exception. Serve up some magically delicious treats like cupcakes decorated with edible glitter, sugar cookies shaped like unicorns, or a fruit salad made to look like a rainbow. And don’t forget the drinks! Create a signature cocktail or mocktail that will have your guests feeling like they are at a unicorn spa.

Unicorn baby Shower Food Ideas, cupcakes, sugar cookies

Unicorn Balloon Ideas

Unicorn baby Shower balloon garlands are all the rage right now and they make for a really fun decoration. You can DIY your own or purchase one pre-made. Either way, they are sure to add some whimsy to your event space.

Unicorn Balloons Arch Garland KitUnicorn Balloons Arch Garland KitUnicorn Balloons Arch Garland KitPastel Balloon Garland KitPastel Balloon Garland KitPastel Balloon Garland KitUnicorn Balloons Arch Garland KitUnicorn Balloons Arch Garland KitUnicorn Balloons Arch Garland Kit


These gorgeous Marble effect Balloons are just perfect colors for a Unicorn Baby Shower, they blend so well with all the wonderful colors you would use at your Baby shower.

Marble Effect BalloonsMarble Effect BalloonsMarble Effect Balloons


You could use these sort of Unicorn Balloons for a centerpiece for the table or for a grazing table, quite easy to DIY yourself a Unicorn Centerpiece you just need a little creativity.

Lavender Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Party BalloonUnicorn Rainbow Party BalloonLavender Unicorn Rainbow Birthday Party BalloonUnicorn Balloon SetUnicorn Balloon SetUnicorn Balloon SetUnicorn Balloons Party DecorationsUnicorn Balloons Party DecorationsUnicorn Balloons Party Decorations

Unicorn Piñata

Unicorn Piñata is a great idea to have at your Baby Shower, we all love having a laugh and hitting a Piñata with a blind fold on is always funny. You can even hang a Unicorn piñata from the ceiling, if you cannot find a tree or veranda post outside.

Unicorn Pinata

Here are some candy to put in your Pinata.

Assorted Candy Party MixAssorted Candy Party MixAssorted Candy Party MixAssorted Candy Party MixAssorted Candy Party MixAssorted Candy Party MixAssorted Candy Party MixAssorted Candy Party MixAssorted Candy Party Mix

Unicorn Baby Shower Games

What’s a party without some games? Keep your guests entertained with some unicorn themed games like Pin the Horn on the Unicorn, Guess the Baby Photo, or a diaper changing relay race. You can even set up a photo-booth with props like unicorn horns and glittery wands. And don’t forget to give out prizes for the winners!

Unicorn Photo Booth PropsUnicorn Photo Booth PropsUnicorn Photo Booth PropsPin The Horn on The Unicorn GamePin The Horn on The Unicorn GamePin The Horn on The Unicorn GameUnicorn Photo Booth PropsUnicorn Photo Booth PropsUnicorn Photo Booth Props


==>If you are looking for other ideas on DIY Baby Showers for Girls then check out my other post here

Unicorn Party Favors

End your event on a sweet note by sending your guests home with some Unicorn themed favors. Fill cellophane bags with Unicorn marshmallows or give out bottles of Unicorn horn bath salts or unicorn bath bombs. You could even put together a gift basket filled with Unicorn related items like a stuffed animal, onesie, or book. Some more great ideas for unicorn themed favors include candy necklaces, personalized lip balm, or mini bottles of glittery nail polish, Unicorn keychains or notebooks decorated with unicorn stickers. Your guests will love these gifts and they will be sure to think of you every time they use them!

These DIY Donut Unicorn Bath Bombs are a perfect favor idea for your wonderful guests, you can find the tutorial at LittleHaloj.com

Unicorn Fantasy Party Favor BoxUnicorn Fantasy Party Favor BoxUnicorn Fantasy Party Favor BoxUnicorn Party Favors SuppliesUnicorn Party Favors SuppliesUnicorn Party Favors SuppliesUnicorn Party Favor Gift BagsUnicorn Party Favor Gift BagsUnicorn Party Favor Gift Bags

These cute Unicorn Headbands are gorgeous favors for your guest or you could give them out as they arrive and they have to wear them through out the party.

Unicorn Head BandsUnicorn Head BandsUnicorn Head Bands


Check out some unicorn party favors here

Throwing a Unicorn Themed Baby Shower can be both easy and fun! With a little bit of creativity, you can easily put together a color scheme, menu, and invitations that will wow your guests and make your event one to remember. Are you planning on throwing a Unicorn Themed Baby Shower? Hope these ideas help!

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