Fun Summer Activities and Crafts Ideas (Kids Will Love)

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Activities, Outings and Summer Crafts

Summer is about to arrive and you have no idea what you are going to do with the kids, then making a summer plan is a great idea.

Need Ideas to stop the kids saying they are bored?

Need help to keep them entertained so the days don’t drag on and on?

Need indoor activities in case you cannot venture outside?

Yes, it’s nice to have some time to relax, sleep in and not do a whole lot of anything, but as some parents have limited days off and also budgets then having some sort of  plan is a great idea. When it comes to summertime spending, having a fun summer full of family memories can be a bit of a challenge if you are constantly worried about money and how much you are spending.

Start planning so you don’t blow the budget and also as time goes fast and before you know it summer is over, the weather’s getting cooler and the kids are back in school.

I am one who loves to stay home but I know the kids need to get out and about, so I have to make sure I plan some outings as well as home days.

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Boredom Busters

Yes I would be happy to laze around the pool, all day every day but that makes for ratty kids as they seem to get bored so easily. Although my two are pretty good at entertaining themselves, I start to feel guilty that we haven’t been any where for days.

I also find that as soon as we step out of the house $50 is gone, just like that, so I also find it stresses me out at the thought of wasting that sort of money.

I am pretty good at packing a picnic or snacks where ever we go but I feel the kids are starving the minute we get in the car even if they have just eaten lunch.

So this summer I am really thinking about making a plan and having a family chat before summer comes and goes and try and get a plan in to action.

One that we are all happy about. We also need to take the weather into consideration as yes it could rain but also it gets hot early so we don’t want to be bush walking in the heat of the day.

Fun activities for kids during the summer

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So the plan is to get everyone together and just take turns sharing what we would like to do this summer.

**Note: If you have older kids, make sure you are aware of any of the plans they have made for the summer, so everything else can be worked around this schedule. We don’t like grumpy teenagers.

Make sure you also check other commitments like dentist appointment, car in for a service, just so you can plan around them.

So my ideal would be 2 days home which are full of different crafts and activities and 1 day out, but also plans can change as friends can call at the last minute and want to pop over or catch up, so you have to be a little bit flexible which makes it more fun.

Fun Water Activities

When I think of summer I think of pools, beaches and staying cool.

Being outside is the best in the warmer months and here are a few cool ideas that we will be doing.

  • Splash Water Tables are a fantastic idea and my two had these as they entertained them for ages and kept them cool as they use to splash themselves constantly
  • Slip n slides are sooooo much fun back in my day we just use to use black plastic bags and dishwashing liquid
  • Buy an Easy Set Pool and enjoy it for hours on end, we just love out pool and spend so much time in it. Yes I would love an in-ground pool but hey that is not possible on our block, but we are so happy with this one we have. Hours of entertainment.
  • Bunch O Balloons yep these are certainly a hit with my kids, remember when you had to fill each water balloon up individually gee that took hours then someone invented these what a clever clogs they are. Love them.
  • Purchase some fun games like this Splash Out, Head splat and then you can have lots of laughs and keep cool at the same time.

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If you have toddlers or little kids please do not leave them unattended around water.

Fun Summer Activities for Kids to do at Home

As I said before I love to stay home but entertaining the kids, can sometimes be tricky so plan ahead.

  • Making a Fairy Garden is such fun and it is something you can keep adding to and maintaining over the summer.
  • Playing in a sandbox brings back so many wonderful memories for me as a kid, we had buckets and cars and dolls and all sorts of toys in our sandbox and Dad had put a shade cloth over it so we could spend hours in it without getting sunburnt.

**Just remember to cover it at nights so the cats don’t poop in it. eeeww.

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  • Look and Learn about Bugs, summertime means loads of bugs so why not teach your children how to look after them, feed them and learn about the life cycle of a bug. These Bug catching exploring kits are pretty awesome.
  • Backyard Camping is the ultimate backyard fun for kids, also parents as you don’t have to worry about using the amenities as you have got your very own, and if it gets too cold you can go inside wink wink.
  • Make or buy a bird feeder so you can see feed the birds and learn about them and listen to them chirp away. Having little birds come and venture in your garden is wonderful
  • Make paper planes and have a little competition with the kids and their friends to see who can make the best paper plane.

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Family Fun Ideas

Summer Activities For Kids
Boredom Busters Crafts for kids
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