Zombie Cheerleader Costume Ideas

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So you think being just a cheerleader is a little boring then why not be a Zombie Cheerleader, we have been searching around and have found many Zombie Cheerleader Costume Ideas and have them all here for you to have a look at.

With Halloween not far away now is the time to start thinking and looking for what you will wear on October 31st. Being one of the biggest holidays of the year you want to look awesome…

Zombie Cheerleader costumes

Cheerleading Pom PomsCheerleading Pom PomsCheerleading Pom PomsOver Knee High SocksOver Knee High SocksOver Knee High SocksCustom Cheer MegaphoneCustom Cheer MegaphoneCustom Cheer Megaphone

Shake Those Pom Poms

Got no energy to shake those Pom Poms this Halloween?

Want to just go Black and White this year then that is fine we have no problem with that, looks like you have no energy to shake those Pom Poms – Give Me a H, give me a A, give me a L, give me another L, give me an O, give me a W, give me a E and another E, give me an N, what you got: HALLOWEEN


Adults Can Go Back To College Too.

Love going back to your collage days of being a cheerleader? Well here is an idea.

Feel Like being young again? Want to go back to college? Well here is your chance, get dressed up this Halloween in your Zombie Cheerleader Costume and scare all those people. It is really easy to make this Scary Cheerleader Costume out of your old cheer-leading outfit, check out the video tutorials below on how to get the Zombie make up.


Here are a few different Zombie Cheerleader Costume Ideas for you. You will ROCK these costumes.

Zombie Cheerleader Costumes For Kids:

Cheerless Leader CostumeCheerless Leader CostumeWomenWomen’s Spiritless Cheerleader CostumeCheerleader Zombie CostumeCheerleader Zombie CostumeZombie Cheerleader CostumeZombie Cheerleader CostumeRubieRubie’s Costume Co Zombie Cheerleader CostumeBlack Ladies Zombie Cheerleader CostumeBlack Ladies Zombie Cheerleader Costume

==>Zombie Cheerleader Costumes For Girls:


==>Halloween Zombie Cheerleader Costumes:

Halloween Zombie Cheerleader Costume

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Zombie Cheerleader Costumes:

Zombie Cheerleader Halloween Costumes come in many different styles and sizes there are costumes for toddlers, kids, Youth Zombie Cheerleader Costumes, they have costumes for males and females you can get Plus Size Zombie Cheerleader Costume.

Dead Cheerleader Costumes are also a great idea for Halloween and although you are not dead you can still be a Zombie.

There is no excuse to not dress up in whatever you want this year, you could always make your own costume. Don’t think just because it is not Halloween you cannot dress up.

My sister’s birthday is in two weeks, and I still haven’t thought about what to get her for her big day. She already has an iphone, so I crossed it off the list of probable gifts. She already has a kindle, so I crossed that one out too.

This process continued until I have practically crossed everything off the list, the only things left were too expensive for my budget. Now I’m left with no idea what to give her.

The last time I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she just answered in a very cryptic manner. She said that she was a cheerleader in need of new cheerleader costumes.

Well, it’s not that cryptic, who knows if she wants a Zombie Cheerleader Costume but hey wouldn’t it be fun to see here face if I got her one, what a laugh. lol.:-)

And so, I am now, once again, making a new list of gift ideas but so far, I haven’t thought of any new, feasible enough for me to buy. Well, I guess, I’d just have to get her a Zombie cheerleader costume.

Hollywood Makeup CenterHollywood Makeup CenterAll In One Zombie Kit Costume MakeupAll In One Zombie Kit Costume MakeupHalloween Costume MakeupHalloween Costume MakeupChomped Bite Wound KitChomped Bite Wound KitMini-Pro Student Makeup KitMini-Pro Student Makeup KitCostume Complete Clown Makeup KitCostume Complete Clown Makeup KitCostume Glow-in-the-Dark Makeup SticksCostume Glow-in-the-Dark Makeup SticksCostume Zombie Grey Tube MakeupCostume Zombie Grey Tube MakeupBroken Doll Makeup Kit For HalloweenBroken Doll Makeup Kit For Halloween

Make-up Ideas Here for the perfect Zombie Cheerleader Look

This make up for Halloween is amazing and you will love how easy it is.

So your gorgeous girl wants to be a Zombie or a Zombie Cheerleader and you have no idea where to start to make her look scary. Here a some ideas of what make-up to use and how to apply them to make here look as scary as can be.


Easy Zombie Cheerleader Makeup Ideas:

So once you have decided on your costume you now need to sort out your make up to help with whole Zombie effect. Luckily there are many tutorials online that you can watch to give you the ideas you need. This girl is pretty cool at doing zombie make up so it will give you some great ideas.

Child Zombie Cheerleader Costume:

Zombie Cheerleader Costume Ideas

Cheerleader Zombie Costume

Zombie Cheerleader Costume Ideas

DIY Zombie Costume

This article gives you some great advise about making your own zombie costume, you really just need to think about the look you want then get some old clothes, rip them and tear them add fake blood color to them, make them look old and dirty.

It also talks about your make up and trying to make your tongue look dead with food coloring as Zombies DO NOT have pink tongues. Your imagination can take you any where so you are going to look amazing.

Just remember if you want DIY Zombie Cheerleader costume then follow the instructions from that article but use your old Cheerleader outfit and make some cool Pom Poms.

DIY Zombie cheerleader costume


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