Halloween Costume Ideas For The Whole Family

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Halloween is such a huge day and with everyone getting dressed up, Trick or Treating, decorating houses, front porches and making Spooky Halloween Food and Drink. It really is such a fun time of year and we all spend so much time and money on it because we love it.

Family Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family 2023

Halloween Costumes For The Whole Family

If you want to go trick-or-treating as a family, or to a party you might be looking for possible costume ideas. There are a variety of costumes that allow the entire family to fit within a single theme, no matter the number of people in your family or the ages of your kids. Here are just a few of the many fun ideas you have to choose from.

Whole Family Halloween Costumes such as The Addams Family: What a great idea for the whole family to dress up as a family like theme but you are running low on ideas? Well why not have a look at these fantastic costumes for the whole family. We have an abundance of ideas and costumes available. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose, so here are some ideas to make it easier.

Barbie and Ken

This Halloween, with the highly anticipated new Barbie movie hitting theaters this year, why not embrace the iconic characters and transform yourself and your partner into the ever-charming Barbie and Ken? The movie is sure to bring a renewed sense of admiration for these beloved dolls, making them the perfect choice for this year’s costume theme. With Barbie’s signature pink and glamorous style, you can don a stunning outfit adorned with glittering accessories, while Ken’s dashing and dapper look can be recreated with slicked-back hair and a sharp suit. Embracing the spirit of childhood nostalgia and celebrating the timeless allure of Barbie and Ken will undoubtedly make for an unforgettable and enchanting Halloween experience.

Barbie 80s Workout CostumeBarbie 80s Workout CostumeBarbie 80s Workout CostumeHalloween Barbie the Movie Skating Ken CostumeHalloween Barbie the Movie Skating Ken CostumeHalloween Barbie the Movie Skating Ken Costume


Wizard of Oz

When thinking about a family Halloween costume idea, try to think of any movies or television shows where there are multiple characters you can make a costume out of.

The Wizard of Oz is perfect because there are a lot of characters to choose from. Whether you have a small or large family, it should work great! If you have a baby, you can go as Dorothy, your husband can pick either Scarecrow, Tin man, and the baby can be dressed as toto the dog or the Lion. If you have a dog, he can be Toto, and your kids can dress as other characters or even as the witch to mix it up a little.

Wizard of Oz Child's DorothyWizard of Oz Child’s DorothyWizard of Oz Child's DorothyWizard Of Oz ScarecrowWizard Of Oz ScarecrowWizard Of Oz ScarecrowWizard Of Oz Tin ManWizard Of Oz Tin ManWizard Of Oz Tin ManWizard Of Oz LionWizard Of Oz LionWizard Of Oz Lion

The Addams Family

They’re creepy and they’re kooky – The Addams Family television series reruns are some of the most watched by today’s kids and adults. Kids love them, and the costumes are sure to provide a ghoulish cast to your family-style Halloween.

Morticia, Gomez, Cousin It, Wednesday and Uncle Fester can all come alive when you dress up your family in these unique Halloween costumes, complete with wigs.

Wednesday CostumeWednesday CostumeWednesday CostumeFester Addams FamilyFester Addams FamilyFester Addams FamilyCousin It WigCousin It WigCousin It WigThe Addams Family MorticiaThe Addams Family MorticiaThe Addams Family Morticia


A very popular Disney animated movie is Aladdin, even decades later. This is a fun movie when you want to dress your family up as these characters.

For example, you can dress as Jasmine and Aladdin, while the kids dress as the Genie and Abu.

Some people also like going the other direction and mixing up Aladdin and Jasmine with some of the evil characters like Jafar.

This mixes it up and keeps the costumes entertaining. For a dog or baby, you might even find a magic lamp costume.

Aladdin Street RatAladdin Street RatAladdin Street RatDisney Princess AladdinDisney Princess AladdinDisney Princess AladdinAladdin - GenieAladdin – GenieAladdin - Genie

Superhero Family

Superheroes never seem to go out of style, and instead keep getting more and more popular.

There are tons of ways to do a superhero family costume. Each person can dress as their own superhero, even if they are supposed to be in different universes.

You can go as a superhero group, such as The Avengers, or you can even find a superhero movie with an actual family, like The Incredibles.

Avengers 2 CostumeAvengers 2 CostumeAvengers 2 CostumeMrs. Incredible CostumeMrs. Incredible CostumeMrs. Incredible CostumeDC Comics Robin CostumeDC Comics Robin CostumeDC Comics Robin CostumeBaby Superman CostumeBaby Superman CostumeBaby Superman Costume

Willy Wonka

Why not go with a Willy Wonky theme? This is a timeless story that creates some really fun costumes. You can go as Willy Wonka, Charlie and some of the other kids, but there are other ways to do it.

Perhaps a fun option is to go as Willy Wonka, a Wonka bar and an Oompa Loompa.

Remember that anything you can make into a group of characters is easy to turn into a family Halloween costume everyone will love.

Willy Wonka CostumeWilly Wonka CostumeWilly Wonka CostumeWillie Wonka Worker CostumeWillie Wonka Worker CostumeWillie Wonka Worker CostumeKids Willy Wonka CostumeKids Willy Wonka CostumeKids Willy Wonka Costume

If you want a silly and fun look for Halloween, dress your family in the various Sesame Street character costumes that are available online – characters such as Big Bird, Elmo, Bert and Ernie, and even the Cookie Monster are sure to delight your entire family.

Count Deluxe Infant childrens costumesCount Deluxe Infant childrens costumesCount Deluxe Infant childrens costumesCookie Monster Deluxe Plush CostumeCookie Monster Deluxe Plush CostumeCookie Monster Deluxe Plush CostumeAdult Male Big Bird, Yellow, CostumeAdult Male Big Bird, Yellow, CostumeAdult Male Big Bird, Yellow, Costume


Couples Costumes

Soap Loofah Bubbles Couples CostumeSoap Loofah Bubbles Couples CostumeSoap Loofah Bubbles Couples Costume

So you and your partner want to go to this years Halloween Party as a couple and you want to dress up in outfits that fit/match together.

We have such a huge selection and ideas for you. There are so many ideas online and these costumes can be purchased for a fraction of the cost it would take to make or even hire one.

Check out this Soap Loofah and Bubbles Couples Costume how bubbly is that.!?

A fantastic costume set that will surely make everyone turn there heads when you walk in the room is the Plug and Socket couples costume.

The Plug & Socket costume comes with a giant socket tunic, this giant gray sockets is on the front and the opening flaps for the prongs. The prong costume is made of white foam and has an elastic waistband with an attached “cord.” There are two large gold fabric prongs in front that “fit” into the socket. This is a funny costume and you certainly get a few laughs when you wear this costume.

How about going to the party as the couple who are the father and mother of us all, Adam and Eve? And, you don’t even have to get naked. The adult Adam and Eve couple costumes are flesh-tone jumpsuits with leaves to cover certain body parts. Leaf headpieces complete this unique couples’ costume.

Bacon and Eggs Costume

Bacon and Eggs Couples CostumeBacon and Eggs Couples CostumeBacon and Eggs Couples Costume

What goes together like bacon and eggs? No one will have to guess if you belong together when you wear the adult Bacon and Eggs couples Halloween costumes to the party. They’re made from lightweight foam covered with fabric that resembles bacon and eggs and easy to wear over clothing.

Hopefully, a ball and chain doesn’t symbolize your partnership, but the Ball and Chain couples’ Halloween costume is a zany choice to wear to a party. Assembled from metallic lame’ mounted on foam, the ball is held in place by a single strap. The chain is connected from the ball to the other person by a waistband.

We’ve all laughed at the typical tourists in bright Hawaiian print shirts, shorts and the inevitable camera around the neck. Now you can recreate this hilarious couple by wearing the adult Tacky Traveler Tourist costume and be the stars of a Halloween party.

The costume is unisex to be worn by men or women and includes the jumpsuit with a wire hoop for a “beefy” effect. Add a lei, straw hat, drinks, big bag and hang a camera around your neck and get ready for a good time.
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I Got You – Adult Costume

I must say I do love dressing up in couples outfits with my husband, it always is good for a laugh.

So don’t we all love Sonny & Cher, they were the perfect singing couple years ago. Well why not dress up as them in there hippie gear, especially if the party has a karaoke machine then you could sing “I got you Babe….”

Have you always dreamed of being a performer in a circus? Now, you can make your fantasy come true when you wear the adult Women’s Knife Thrower, Magician’s Assistant costume. The dress is trimmed in sequins with an attached black, ruffled petticoat. The knives give just the right effect, along with the necklace, apple headpiece, feathers and gloves.

Dress up your partner in the adult Knife Thrower costume that features a shirt, sash, knife belt and “knives” and also comes with a blindfold – and you’re ready for an exciting Halloween eve.

Light Plug and Socket Couple Halloween CostumeLight Plug and Socket Couple Halloween CostumeLight Plug and Socket Couple Halloween CostumePeanut Butter and Jelly PBJ CostumePeanut Butter and Jelly PBJ CostumePeanut Butter and Jelly PBJ CostumeKing and Queen Playing Cards CostumesKing and Queen Playing Cards CostumesKing and Queen Playing Cards Costumes


Plus Size Halloween Costumes

So you are not the petite size “0” that is just fine and we have the hugest range of Plus Size Halloween Costumes for you and you are going to look just so amazing as there are so many Halloween costumes that can be found in plus sizes.

There’s the Witch costume for women that comes with a black dress, shiny, full length overcoat and realistic witch’s hat. Don’t be scared to show off some skin and really be proud of who you are.

Keep your head, but go to the party as Marie Antoinette in a plus size costume that includes the dress, headpiece, stockings and fan.

If you’re a plus-sized woman, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a costume that depicts your personality – or fantasy. The Queen of Hearts costume is highly recognizable and comes in plus sizes. The costume includes the dress with collar, headpiece and trim. You can purchase the playing cards and fishnet hose to complete the look.

We also have this sexy Queen of hearts costume that looks just amazing on and you will feel so fantastic in it.

Men can also find plus sized Halloween costumes online. There’s the Black Evil Court Jester costume, black and white or red that includes a shirt, pants, sash mask and headpiece. You can also purchase gloves and scepter separately. He may choose to dress as the tall and fearsome character of Hercules. The package includes vinyl armor, tunic, cape, arm bands, cuffs, head band and leg guards.

Click Here For Some More Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Enjoy Halloween dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, looking demure in a blue denim dress. If you want to be a bit more menacing, you can go as a vampires in the Sassy Vampires Vampire Queen costume or, rather than being Alice – be Malice in Wonderland in a corseted dress, crinoline, apron and leggings. Of course, if your heart’s set on being Alice, you can also buy that costume in plus sizes.

The Gothic Nurse costume comes with a short sleeved mini dress, stethoscope, play needle – the Sexy School Girl costume includes a dress with suspenders and tie. You can be the bad girl in the office by wearing the Office Tramp costume with a chiffon camisole, skirt, neck tie and thong.

Don’t stay away from the festivities of Halloween because you think you can’t find a costume that fits. Plus sizes can be found in abundance online and just here we have a huge selection for you to choose from and I guarantee you will find something your love and that you look wonderful in.

Women's Plus Size Black Magic Mistress, 3X/ 4XWomen’s Plus Size Black Magic Mistress, 3X/ 4XWomen's Plus Size Black Magic Mistress, 3X/ 4XBee Halloween Costume for Women, Plus SizeBee Halloween Costume for Women, Plus SizeBee Halloween Costume for Women, Plus SizeWomen's Plus, Spiderweb, 3X / 4XWomen’s Plus, Spiderweb, 3X / 4XWomen's Plus, Spiderweb, 3X / 4X


Mommy and Baby Halloween Costumes

Some great suggestions for Baby and Mommy Halloween Costumes

Here are some fantastic ideas to break the “gorgeous factor” ratings is to dress up yourself and your infant in matching or themed Halloween costumes. Imagine the wonderful photos you will be able to share with friends, family and you an also put them on your Myspace or Facebook pages and to keep in your “memories” collection.

Here are the suggestions we have I am sure this will help you with many more suggestions for Mommy and Baby Halloween Costumes:

The Simpsons – The hilarious and popular television cartoon series, The Simpsons makes dressing Mommy and baby in Halloween costumes a cinch. If you have a little girl, dress her as Maggie with a blonde wig and blue dress. Mom can wear a red dress with a blue wig. Makeup can do the rest.

Star Wars – The Star Wars movie theme is always popular and highly recognizable. Mom can be Princess Leia and baby can choose from a number of costumes such as Yoda, Chewbacca, R2D2 or the ever-feared Darth Vader. If you have a little girl baby, she can match her mommy in an infant Princess Leia costume.

Superwoman – It won’t be difficult to find a Superwoman costume for mommy and a Super girl or boy costume for baby. These costumes have been popular for years – but not as Mommy and baby theme costumes. Be the first in your neighborhood to be a supermom with super-baby on Halloween night.

* 101 Dalmatians – Mommy can dress up for Halloween as Cruella De Ville and carry a little Dalmatian puppy in her arms while trick-or-treating around the neighborhood

Big Dog and Puppy or Cat and Kitten – Lots of men are now taking on the role of escorts for their children on Halloween night. A great idea for matching dad and baby costumes is The Great Dane outfit for Dad and cuddly puppy costume for baby. They’ll be the hit of the neighborhood.

Lioness and Baby Lion – This one would be my favorite one how cute would this be, these aren’t just an idea for cute Halloween costumes – they’ll also keep mom and baby warm on a cool Halloween night. The furry headpiece will keep baby’s head and ears warm and you can layer warm clothing beneath each costume.

So we have given you some fantastic suggestions and I am sure you will have fallen in love with one of them but you can also use your imagination to choose Halloween costumes for you and your little one. Check out some online information and sites that may give you even more ideas. There are costumes to fit every idea and budget. Happy Halloween!

Huggable Monkey Halloween CostumeHuggable Monkey Halloween CostumeHuggable Monkey Halloween CostumeScuba Diver Octopus Mommy & Me CostumeScuba Diver Octopus Mommy & Me CostumeScuba Diver Octopus Mommy & Me CostumeMaster Chef & Maine Lobster CostumeMaster Chef & Maine Lobster CostumeMaster Chef & Maine Lobster Costume

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

So it is nearly Halloween and you have not got your costume yet, let a lone thought about what you want to wear. Do not despair we have some fantastic suggestions for you and I am sure by the time you have looked through my site you will have found something you love and it will be delivered to you in time for your Halloween party.

?Click Here For Last Minute Costume Ideas

So you have a Halloween party and you want to dress in something a little traditional then why not check out all the different witch costumes we have I am sure you will be blown away by the variety we have, you can be a Wicked Queen, Sleeping Beauty’s – Maleficent Witch, Fairy Tale Witch, Classic Witch, Wicked Witch, Fabulous Green Witch, Incantasia the Glamour witch, Hocus Pocus witch, Teen Witch. Sorceress Witch, we also have all the accessories you will need like shoes, brooms, hats, stockings, wigs, cauldrons and much much more.

So you don’t want to go the traditional way how about very scary, we have Vampires, Zombies, Snow Beast, Dark Mad hatter, Headless horseman, Goth Prom Queen, Nightmare on Elm street, Coffin Bride, Psycho Clown, Bride of Frankenstein. Oh the list goes on and your imagination is my forte.

We have it all so whatever scary movie you have been watching or whatever scary comic you have been reading I am pretty sure you will find the costume to suit your scary dreams…

Now for the kids do they want to go as the latest movie character like, Andy from toy Story, or Wall E or what about a a character from the Peanuts show Snoopy. What about some characters from Ben 10 like Heat blast, Swampfire or spider monkey.

Oh what about Cinderella, superwoman, snow white, Rainbow Ballerina, Greek goddess, Little Red Riding, Tinkerbell, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel or Alice in Wonderland.

Families going to a party together and you all want to wear the same or similar costumes. You have the Addams family, The Flintstones, Sunny and Cher, ABBA, the Beatles, the monkey’s or maybe you want to go as people from a movie like Harry Potter, The Green Lantern, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Transformers, Star wars, Super Heroes.

Fred and Wilma Flintstone Costume SetFred and Wilma Flintstone Costume SetFred and Wilma Flintstone Costume SetFamily Matching Halloween Skeleton CostumesFamily Matching Halloween Skeleton CostumesFamily Matching Halloween Skeleton CostumesRock, Paper, Scissors Costume SetRock, Paper, Scissors Costume SetRock, Paper, Scissors Costume Set


==>Ooh My Goodness The List Goes On and If You Click Link For A Huge Selection of Halloween Ideas

You can even choose characters from your favorite cartoons. Dad may choose to be the loveable Great Dane dog and dress in a costume that includes the body, hood, mitts, feet and blue collar.

Mom might want to dazzle the crowds by dressing as the fairy godmother from Cinderella – and the kids can let their imaginations run wild when they choose from the wide array of children’s costumes.

Some Halloween costume theme ideas might include costumes from the 50s – poodle skirts, pony tails and bobby socks were the style then, and now they make colorful and fun Halloween costumes. Think about dressing up your family for Halloween as characters from the movie, “Wizard of Oz”

There’s Dorothy, of course, and the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man – and don’t forget the Wizard. You’ll find everything from makeup, wigs and loads of other ideas online, an easy way to shop to be sure you get everything you need and in the correct sizes.

halloween costumes for the whole family

Check out Vivaveltoro.com here for more Halloween Costume Ideas

Costumes for the whole family You can even go back in time and learn some history by dressing up your family as Roman Soldiers or Greek Gladiators, Cleopatra and goddesses from a time when clothing showed your wealth and position in society.

These costumes are well-made and easy to get in and out of and allow room for layering underneath so that you’ll stay warm when the wind begins to howl.

A scarier theme for Halloween could be costumes such as witches and warlocks, ghouls and skeletons. Ideas abound online for ways that you can make this Halloween one that your whole family will always remember.

Halloween Costume Ideas : you may prefer to be something, such as the character of Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” or Cinderella, the Ice Princess, Isla From Frozen, You can be menacing in the Bat girl costume or choose a Feline costume which includes a cat suit made from spandex, cat ears and tail. Just Purfect, Darling!

Women's Beauty CostumeWomen’s Beauty CostumeWomen's Beauty CostumeBeauty and The Beast Men's CostumeBeauty and The Beast Men’s CostumeBeauty and The Beast Men's CostumeFrozen Olaf Deluxe Toddler CostumeFrozen Olaf Deluxe Toddler CostumeFrozen Olaf Deluxe Toddler Costume


Some of the most recognizable costumes are the wicked witch, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and the “Marilyn Monroe” costume. You’ll have a difficult time choosing from all the unique women’s Halloween costumes online.

Costumes like The Slave Girl, Betty Boop and the 50s Style Hop Polka Dot Rocker Theme Party Outfit can get you into a playful Halloween mood.

You can even dress up as Lady Godiva, although you’ll have to furnish your own white horse! All you need is The Lady Godiva wig – oh, and maybe a flowing cape to keep you warm.

Check out these Toddler Butterfly Costume

Do you have a daughter that loves the color pink, lots of frills, or anything that glitters? Baby Butterfly Infant Costume.

Most little girls dream of being a beautiful princess, with a beautiful long, full flowing gown and a crown to match. There are so many different princesses to choose from today thanks to Disney, there is Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Ariel and more.

Butterfly Infant/Toddler Costume and Fairy Toddler Costume

Butterfly Fairy Child Costume

Girls can change their minds several times before finally deciding what they would like to be for Halloween. And some girls might even be interested in a superhero costume like Superwoman, Wonder Woman, one of the Power rangers, or Totally Spies.

Halloween comes once a year and children really look forward to it. So looking at all the different options they have to choose from or making up something of their own is very important. This is so they will be comfortable, happy and excited to show off their costumes. And make it one Halloween to remember.

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Trying to help them select the right costume to ensure a happy Halloween can sometimes be difficult so don’t forget all the categories there are to choose from such as Animal costumes like a horse, giraffe, cats, bears, rabbits, different kinds of bugs, a dragon, a penguin or a monkey.

Classic costumes like a bubbly cheerleader, Little Red Riding Hood, a Pirate Beauty of the High Seas, Raggedy Anne, a friendly ghost, the graceful twirling ballerina, a courtly southern belle, the well made over geisha girl, a rootin’ tootin’ cowgirl or a comical clown.

The famous TV and movie characters Daphne and Velma from Scooby Doo, Strawberry Shortcake and friends, Dora and Boots, Pebbles from the Flintstones, the stunning ogre Princess Fiona , Tinkerbelle, Angie from A Shark Tale, Alice in Wonderland, a hip Pink Lady, Princess Leia or Padme and Queen Amidala.

Toddler Halloween Costumes

You can find some really unique toddler costumes online – without having to dig through flimsy costumes and sizes at the nearest party store. We have a list of some costumes that are available online are and we hope this helps you to choose.

It really is such a delight to see your toddler all dressed up in her/his Halloween costume, they will be ready to mingle with the other little cuties in the neighborhood. You’ll want your child to stand out from the others and to wear something that fits her/his personality.

Tulip Fairy – Your little girl toddler will look adorable in the Tulip Fairy costume. She’ll parade down the street wearing a flower headpiece, wings and elfin booties looking like a little flower that’s come to life.

Hershey’s Kiss – Your little one will look even more kissable when wearing a Halloween costume that makes him look like a big, silver Hershey’s Kiss.

Peter Pan – A costume from Peter Pan — the little boy who never grew up consists of a green shirt and pants with a Peter Pan hat. Your child will enjoy hours of imaginative playtime in this costume after Halloween is long over.

Lil’ Monkey – This adorable costume will fit your toddler’s playful personality and keep him warm on Halloween night. It’s lined and zippered for easy diaper access and comes with booties and a hood to protect him from the cold.

Zookeeper – Does your child love trips to the zoo? If so, a zookeeper’s costume may be the exact one that fits his personality. Let him carry a stuffed animal for effect and with the khaki safari jacket, pants, belt and hat, he’ll be ready to pal around with all the little Halloween “animals.”

Yoda – Children love Star Wars characters, and one of the cutest is Yoda, the wise little creature who dresses in an oversized, long, flowing robe. This costume set includes the headpiece, with ears like Yoda and a hooded robe made from soft, warm fleece fabric.

Halloween is a wonderful time when the whole family should have fun and enjoy the season. Costumes for your toddler and every member of the family can be found online, and with a click of the mouse, you can skip the shopping trip to the mall and find a unique costume that you and your toddler will enjoy.

Fairy Costumes

The Butterfly Princess fairy costume for kids is an elegant full length pale purple gown with white layering at the waist. It includes matching pale purple wings which glitter, and a glittering tiara; however, the wand and the sparkling shoes are sold separately.

Your daughter may want to go as the Snowflake Fairy, which comes with white leotards attached to a white layered dress with tulle layered petal and white marabou trim.

The tiara is white faux fur with a snowflake design attached to it. The white wings are in the shape of a traditional fairy, and both items are sold separately. This fairy costume for kids is among one of the best choices for this year.

Flower Fairy CostumeFlower Fairy CostumeFlower Fairy CostumeGreen Fairy Costume DressGreen Fairy Costume DressGreen Fairy Costume DressFairy Costume with WingsFairy Costume with WingsFairy Costume with Wings


Fairy Costumes for Kids will be a big hit for Halloween trick or treating this year. There are many types of fairy dresses to choose from, such as the Green Pixie child’s costume, which may look more like Tinker Bell in the movie “Hook”, and “Peter Pan”.

This beautiful costume includes green leotards attached to a green tutu and faux petals, it has green wings which shimmer like pixie dust. This fairy costume is made with polyester and nylon; and the wand and the tiara are sold separately.

?‍♀️Look at These Adorable Fairy Costumes

Other fairy costumes for kids may include some of Tinker Bell’s friends, such as Rosetta, a lovely pixie, dressed in a red layered dress with a deep red top.

The wings which are included with this delightful cutie are detachable and are a fantastic feature which shows how some fairies and pixies are not all alike. You may want to purchase a matching necklace and shoes separately.

Sugar Plum Fairy Costumes

The next best fairy costume for kids this Halloween is the new Sugar Plum Fairy Child; this costume is new for the 2009 year and is from the scene in “The Nutcracker”. The costume is a burgundy layered dress with overlapping transparent layers of light green petals encircling the waistline.

It has white and burgundy wings on the back, which are sold separately and the deep plum toned choker, hair clip and matching wand are also sold separately. Matching green armbands and leaf waist belt are included.

To emphasize the look, add just the right amount of fairy makeup; pixie pink lip gloss, rouge, and plum shadow around the eyes with mascara and dramatic eyeliner curved up at the ends.

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