Butterfly Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

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We Love Halloween and so do the kids, the costumes do not have to be scary they can be adorable as well. If you have a toddler and are wanting to dress her up so cute then these Butterfly Halloween Costumes For Toddlers are just so adorable.

buttterfly halloween costume

Butterfly Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

There is a huge selection of Butterfly Costumes for Toddlers, you can get just wings, you can get a dress, or you can get a whole body costume for the smaller ones. Have a look below and you can click images or text and be taken to amazon that shows you more and you can purchase some.

Butterfly Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

✅===> Looking for a Girls Dark Purple & Teal Fairy Set with Wings, Headband, Halo then click image

✅===> Looking for a cute Plum Pixie Costume then click the image

Plum Pixie Butterfly Costume

✅===> Looking for a Orange Monarch Wings then click the image

Orange Monarch Butterfly Wings

⭐Just browsing and not 100% what Toddler Butterfly Costume you are after then click image and you will be directed to a page on Amazon that will have a few different Butterfly Costumes for you to look at.

Butterfly Halloween Costumes For Toddlers

Halloween Costumes do not have to be scary and lots of kids love dressing up for the big day and going around collecting Candy the one time of year you are allowed to eat LOTS of Candy. So why not get a cute Butterfly costumes for your toddler that will WOW the crowd and gets of oohhs and aahhs. 🙂 there are so many adorable baby and toddler Halloween costumes around that it will be hard to choose.

Butterfly Wings Costume – You Can Easily Make Them If You Want.

A Butterfly Wings Costume is probably the most easy to make dress up for your kids, they don’t just have to be for girls and lots of boys like to have them so they can run around and think they can fly. I have made many different butterfly wings for my kids

The first one, I got the idea from their music class, was just a rectangular piece of material the length of your child’s arm span.

Gather it in the middle, then I added elastic to the center top down to the bottom so you put their arms in the elastic like putting on a cardigan.

Then have elastic sewn on in a circle around the end so you can put it over their wrists, then they can fly like a butterfly.

The material I got was a sparkly blue for my son and a sparkly purple for my daughter, the kids just love them, they are so proud as I made them, they were so simple but entertained the kids for hours.

The other is to get 2 old wire coat hangers and shape them into the wings, then you need a pair of panty hose you can buy them in many colors.

So put the panty hose over the coat hangers and tie them up. You can then add sparkles, sequences and all sorts of crafty things to make them just adorable.

Now don’t fret if you don’t have time to make these or if you are not a sewer or you are not crafty then you will find many places online or you local shops. They have many styles, many shapes and many different colors.

ust remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune of these Butterfly Wings Costume  but they do add to any costume and just look so cute. If you don’t think you can make one but your child really really wants one then have a look at Amazon here for lots of variety

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