Easy Freezer Meals – {Stock The Freezer baby Shower Parties}

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Stock My Freezer Baby Shower Party Ideas

Stork The Freezer Meals

If you have a friend who is pregnant then why not show her how it is done.

Why not suggest hosting a “freezer meals shower” for her!

Get all your friends together and gather in someone’s kitchen and get freezer meals made for the mom-to-be.

Perfect for moms having their first baby, as once baby is here time is hard to find to get dinner on the table.

So many different recipes for the expectant mom in your life, check out this awesome idea here

Easy Freezer Meals

Please tell me I am not the only one who struggles with mealtime?????

Some days I get quite stressed at just the thought of dinner time. I don’t know why but I feel as a mom I have all these human beings relying on me and I want them to be the healthiest they can be. BUT some days I just cannot be bothered to cook dinner, I am exhausted mentally and emotionally.

my freezeasy meals 10 meals 1 hour.

I have been running around all day after these gorgeous human beings but I am tired. Then I feel like I am forever nagging at them to do homework, read a book, tidy up set the table wash their hands……….

Then my life changed ‘birds cheeping, choir singing’ I found these AHHMAZING Freezer meals. Holy Moly why had no one thought of these before, (well they probably have but I hadn’t heard of them until recently) WOW WOW WOW is all I can say Erin is my life saver. I can now make these quick and easy dinners put them in freezer bags, freeze them and when needed take them out.

Okay let me tell you a little about MYFREEZEASY as some people are confusing it with FREEZEASY they are both from Erin Chase one it a membership so you get the recipes and videos every month you have a dashboard you log into to see all this the other one (Freezeasy) is.

Erin has put together this amazing membership so you can have 10-12 meals ready in under 1 Hour. She suggests you shop from the grocery list one day and then do all the cooking the next day as not to get overwhelmed. Yes that must have been directed at me as that would stress me out having to shop and unpack and then try and organize myself to cook as well. 🙁

create meal plans from scratch

She shows you how to get dinner on the table weeknights, after running the kids around to all their different activities. She also has labels for you to print off so you can put them on the bags so you know what is what. The meals can be defrosted over night in the fridge or in the morning for 20 minutes in a bowl of water ( just put the bag in the bowl of water for 20 minutes) then drop all the ingredients into the crock pot(slow cooker), Dutch oven, skillet or baking dish.

Hands Free Bag Holder Stands

Best Opener for Freezer & Storage Baggie - Ideal Plastic Kitchen GadgetBest Opener for Freezer & Storage Baggie – Ideal Plastic Kitchen Gadget✅ See This Here

These are BRILLIANT as we know trying to do everything is HARD but try these No-Mess Freezer Cooking.

Holds Quart & Gallon Size Bags Open While Filling for Freezer Meals
Non-Slip Rubber Base
Sturdy, Adjustable Height Arms
Folds Flat – Easy Storage
Set of 2 Bag Holders
Strong Plastic Clip Holds Bags In Place
Great Stocking Stuffers, and/or Useful Tool for Your Easy Freezer Meals.

This is an image of Erins freezer with 10 meals in it. Doesn’t that look so easy?

My freezeasy Freezer Meals
Picture of Erin’s Freezer with 10 meals in it.

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Deck The Freezer For The Holidays

Easy Freezer Meals- Deck the Freezer For The Holidays

This is a wonderful idea for those of us who are stressing about he upcoming holiday season and what to cook and where are you going to find the time..Look below if you need to find out more about Easy Freezer Meals

Erin has come up with this super easy idea to make ahead dinners that you can freeze in ziplock bags for the holiday season (anytime really) But now is the perfect time to start thinking as we have Thanksgiving coming up  along with Christmas and I don’t know about you but the idea of this time of year can be pretty crazy busy so anything to make my life easier and I am in.

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MyFreezEasy-Deck The Freezer

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