No Bake Cookies

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No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies that we ended up Baking!!

No Bake Cookies

On a hot Sunday afternoon my daughter decided she wanted to bake cookies. Um!! No not going to happen… why on earth in this heat would you want to bake I just didn’t understand it.

I suggested she find something else to do but she was determined she wanted cookies so she searched and searched on YouTube, of course and she found a recipe for No Bake Cookies. Cookie dough Bites they were called in the video.

Ok who was I to argue with a determined girl, we had all the ingredients so she went to it.

✅ Butter,
✅ Brown sugar,
✅ Granulated sugar,
✅ Vanilla extract,
✅ Salt,
✅ All purpose flour,
✅ Mini chocolate chips

Get the recipe here

Ok so she got to it and made the cookie gee they looked yummy and as we put them in the fridge and waited the required time suggested of 15-20 mins my mouth was watering and I just couldn’t wait but I did.

Tick tock don’t you just hate it how slow the clock seems to go when you are waiting for something yummy.?

TIMES UP we grabbed them out of the fridge and they were delicious after quite a few I said to my daughter I feel like they are not quite complete, I feel like they really need to be baked so on this very hot Sunday afternoon I put the oven on…. I know I know !!!!

Anyway we put about 6 in the oven and baked them until golden brown and oh my goodness they were even better baked!!

Yummo they were so delicious we end up making another batch and baked them and they were probably some of the yummiest cookies we have ever made.

So if you come across some no bake cookie dough that you think you might want to bake or need to bake as you cannot get your head around just eating the raw dough then go a head and bake them as they are just as good.

Although this is edible cookie dough not baked I felt like I was just licking the bowl and they were no complete but that is just a personal preference. Also just a note you can freeze the cookie dough and then when you want to use it just get the frozen cookie dough out of the freezer and let it thaw and either eat it or bake it.

Here is the video my daughter found with the yummy recipe. Be sure to checkout here site as she has some great recipes

If you are looking for party snacks then these cookies might be a great idea or checkout my other post on Best party snacks for Kids

Please don’t eat raw dough that has egg in it as that is not very good for you and might make you sick.

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