Shabby Chic Fall Decorating Ideas

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Fall is probably one of most most favorite times of the year although I do love Summer but I love all the gorgeous colors for fall and all the Front Porch decorations and I am really in to Shabby Chic at the moment so I have decided to put together this great post of some awesome Shabby Chic Fall Decorating Ideas that you can DIY yourself and make your place a little Shabby or Chic depends how it all pans out.

Shabby Chic Décor Items For Fall and Halloween

If your want your home to have a little shabby chic style, then you may be looking for ways to implement that same décor style for holidays, such as Fall and Halloween. Fall is typically filled with a lot of orange pumpkins, Browns timber and come 31st October white ghosts and black spiders, but that doesn’t always fit in well with your feminine, vintage-inspired look that some of us love. Here are some ways you can decorate for Fall while also sticking with your shabby chic decor.

Shabby Chic Wreath For Your Front Door

Real Cotton Wreath Shabby Chic WreathReal Cotton Wreath Shabby Chic Wreath It Is So LovelyThe first area of your home you might want to decorate for Fall is your front porch as it can stay that way for a little while.

A good way to get started is by replacing your current wreath with a new one.

You can go ahead and start with a traditional style wreath and decorate it like you would another shabby chic wreath, with pale leaves and flowers you could then add a few subtle elements to turn it into a Halloween themed one as well.

DIY Your Own Wreath

To Make it yourself get either a foam or straw wreath form, then cover it in a material that is white and will cover the wreath form completely. This might be lace doilies, white fabric, or even white yarn.

When it is completely covered, add some shabby chic items like white-washed mini pumpkins, pale painted leaves remember you can add Halloween items later. Things such as white spiderwebs and some pastel colored items. You can finish it off with some white and black flowers and plants to give it that shabby chic wreath look.

Fill Your Fireplace With Candles

This idea might not seem completely Fall-themed, but it can be if you do it right. Remove all of the logs and wood from inside your fireplace and move aside the fireplace screen.

Now fill the fireplace with candles, candelabras, and tall candle sticks of different sizes. You want a lot of different heights with the candles. They should fill the entire fireplace with multiple layers of candles. Choose some shabby chic candle stick holders and tall white votives.

When it is Halloween all you have to do is mix in a few black candles and perhaps attach some fake plastic spiders to the outsides of them, but not close to where the flame will be. Now light them up instead of having a fire, and it gives a spooky Victorian look for Fall and Halloween.

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Shabby Chic to Spooky Bird Cages

This is a simple decorative element that can combine both Halloween and the shabby chic style. Get an old birdcage and create a distressed look by painting it white, but not solid white. You want it to look old and weathered, similar to other shabby chic furniture or decorative items in your home.

Shabby chic fall decorating with doors and birdcages


You can add some lovely pale flowers like pale pink or pale green or a light blue you can also ad candles or even battery operated candles as they look just devine.

Halloween is here so now place a fake black crow or other black bird inside the birdcage, then have some spiders and cobwebs on the outside of the cage to make it look old. Once Halloween is over then it can be used with nice dried flowers again, so very versatile.

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Decorate Your Front Porch with these Shabby Chic Ideas

The porch is often the place where many people start their Fall and Halloween decorating. However, if you are going with a shabby chic style since this is how your home is currently decorated, you might want to rethink the traditional décor. Here are some different ways to decorate your front porch in a way that is inspired by shabby chic.

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Stack Pumpkins on a Planter

Naturally, you are going to include some pumpkins in your shabby chic Halloween décor. As with many other shabby chic Halloween decor items, try to use distressed or white-washed painted pumpkins instead of your regular orange Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins.

Take a white or old wood planter for the base of the decoration, then add three pumpkins of varying sizes on top. Use the largest pumpkin on bottom, followed by the medium, then the smallest pumpkin. You can stop here or add some fake spiders and cockroaches, spiderwebs, or cob webs to the pumpkins.

Create a Victorian Form

Ghosts are often used in Halloween décor as well, and you can definitely set out ghost decorations on your porch to naturally have an old-fashioned shabby chic décor style. However, you might also want to get a little more creative than that. Old Victorian clothing often represents many of the same stylistic options that shabby chic does. You can use a regular dress form and cover it in a vintage dress you find at a local thrift store.

Make it look tattered, dirty, and worn, then put it on the dress form. The dress form doesn’t have legs or a head, so it already looks super spooky. Just set it out on your porch for an easy and spooky Halloween decoration.

Have a Distressed Coffin Put On Your Porch

Another Halloween decoration you can add to your porch is a coffin. It can be opened jut a little bit, so that kids don’t know if a dead body is inside or not! Take any coffin decoration you find from craft stores or Halloween stores and make it have a distressed look. You can either do this by turning it into a white-washed look, similar to your other shabby chic furniture, or paint it in a wood look, then distress and fade the wood with various tools. This requires a little more work, but it creates Halloween décor that also fits in with the shabby chic style.

Keep in mind you can set out any of your traditional shabby chic decorative items, add some plastic bugs and cobwebs, and have yourself Halloween-themed décor.

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Centerpiece Ideas For a Shabby Chic Fall

Pink & Ivory Shabby Chic Fall Floral Pumpkin CenterpiecePink & Ivory Shabby Chic Fall Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece✅ See This Here

To continue with your shabby chic décor style for Fall, consider adding a centerpiece to your dining room table.

This is great simply for an added decoration, or when you plan to have family or friends over for a fun and festive meal.

Here are some different ways to create a shabby chic Halloween centerpiece.

Set Out Vintage-Style Candle Holders

Another way to have a spooky and shabby chic-themed Fall and Halloween centerpiece is to use vintage-style candle holders for the middle of your table. When you use distressed candle holders, whether they are a faded brass that looks worn or distressed and white-washed painted candle holders, they already have that old look to them.

All you need to do is add some tapered candles to them and then for Halloween wrap cobwebs around the base of the candle holders.

Fill a Planter Box With Mini Pumpkins

When you are short on time, this is an easy centerpiece you can throw together with basic items found at your local craft store. All you need is a long planter box or a platter. The planter boxes are best because they already have a natural distressed look, which is perfect for your shabby chic style. Now all you need to do is fill it with some mini pumpkins.

If you can actually find white and pastel-colored pumpkins at the craft store, even better! Choose enough to fill up the planter box and you’re ready to go. You can also use small orange pumpkins as long as you add some other shabby chic elements, such as decorating the box with lace or other white fabric.

For Halloween Add a Skull to the Table

Skulls are often used in Halloween décor when you want to go more of a scary direction with the décor, but like pumpkins and other Halloween themes, they don’t often fit in with the shabby chic look. However, you can change all that with a little paint and patience. As you would white-wash other items, you can do the same thing with a fake skull!

Grab any skull you can find from local Halloween stores, and give it some white paint, making sure you use very light and uneven strokes. This gives it an old look instead of just painting it a solid white color. Have some bugs coming out of the skull’s eyes to complete the creepy, crawly, Halloween look. Set this in the middle of your table or add some of your old-fashioned candle sticks and pumpkins for a full centerpiece.

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How to White-Wash a Pumpkin

You are probably wondering how to do this after I have mentioned it so many times so if you are planning on using pumpkins in your shabby chic Fall décor, you will probably want to white-wash quite a few of them. This allows you to have white pumpkins instead of orange ones, but also give them a distressed look. They will match your shabby chic décor much better.

Here are some simple instructions to follow so you can white-wash your own plastic pumpkins.

Cover the Pumpkins in Black Paint First

To start with, it is recommended that you paint the pumpkin black. If you leave it orange, you are going to have to use a lot of coats of white to cover the orange color, which then takes away from the stressed look you are going for.

If you don’t mind solid white, that might be okay, but for a white-washed pumpkin that works with shabby chic decor styles, starting with a black pumpkin is best. Cover the pumpkin in black paint, then let it dry. Acrylic paint works fine on most plastic pumpkins you get at craft stores.

Add Your White Paint Slowly

You have two options for white paint; you can either use white acrylic paint or go with a white chalk paint. This is similar to chalkboard paint, even though you aren’t actually using it as a chalkboard.

The reason some people like to use a chalk paint is because it naturally gives that old and worn look without even trying. Either way, you want to add the paint with a sponge brush or paintbrush, making sure the coats are a little uneven and don’t completely cover the black pumpkin in white.

This is when perfection is not something you are going for. You want it to look old and distressed, so don’t worry about having perfect painting strokes.

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Choose to Make Them Shiny With Mod Podge

If you want the finished pumpkin to still look similar to areal pumpkin, you can try making it shiny by adding some Mod Podge. Wait for your paint to dry, then cover the entire pumpkin in a layer of Mod Podge. This will dry completely clear, and leave behind a smooth and shiny sheen on the pumpkin.

It still has the shabby chic look, but has more of a natural pumpkin appearance as well.

Shabby Chic Fall Pumpkin


Add a Wood Stem

The plastic pumpkins usually come with a plastic stem that you can be painted, but another way to make it a shabby chic pumpkin is to remove this stem and replace it with one made of wood. You can either look for a wood stem at the craft store, or get a piece of driftwood and cut it similar to the size and shape of a pumpkin stem. Just pull out the plastic stem, then push the driftwood into the top of the pumpkin after it has been painted.

Ways to Have a Shabby Chic Pumpkin

One thing that you will see in every home’s Fall décor is a pumpkin. Pumpkins are a popular vegetable to have during the fall season, and because people often carve Jack-O-Lanterns with them, you are definitely going to see them in Halloween décor.

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When you have a soft and feminine shabby chic style, the last thing you want to do is set out bright orange pumpkins. Instead, consider creating some shabby chic pumpkins with the following ideas.

Create a Victorian-Style Pumpkin

A décor style that is very similar to shabby chic is going with an old-fashioned Victorian style .You can use this as your inspiration to turn an ordinary orange pumpkin into one that fits in much better with your white décor.

You first want to cover the pumpkin in a fabric or material that makes it look softer and less orange. Try using white or pink sheer fabric or lace over it, or even adding some lace doilies and gluing them to the outside.

You can then add some lace trim or white pearls to the outside. You can get creative with the pumpkin, using any materials or decorative elements you want for the pumpkin.

Go With Black and White as the Theme

Following the same type of method, but with a slightly darker and spookier element, start with a black pumpkin. If you can’t find one in black, get a regular orange pumpkin, then paint it a solid black color. Once the paint is dry, you then want to cover it with white sheer fabric or white lace, but thin enough to wear you can see that it is a black pumpkin underneath.

Now you can get creative and add any white or black decorations to the outside of the pumpkin, whether you go with spiderwebs or cob webs, or you add some black plastic spiders and cockroaches. You can even attach a little black bird to the top for maximum creep factor.

So if Shabby chic is your style at the moment then go for it do it! I really don’t think there is really any wrong or right way it is what you like and feels right for you.

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