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Learn how to Blog the correct way

Have you been thinking about becoming a blogger or are you already blogging BUT you just cannot get your blog to make the money all the other bloggers say they are making!?

Don’t stress you are not the only one.

Do you see all the Pins on Pinterest with ‘My income report this month is…..”, ‘My income report last moth was……’

Do you feel like you might be failing at this blogging thing.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” — Henry Ford

Well don’t despair you are now in the right spot. I had the pleasure of being a Beta Testers for lovely Carly’s new Affiliate Marketing Course and I can tell you she opened my eyes to so many new things about Affiliate Marketing it was mind blowing.

I have been around a while and although I don’t write much about blogging and making money stuff as it doesn’t really float my boat. Oh geez, yes I love to make money and I love that I can stay home with my kids from the income I make from my blogs. But I would rather write about other things.

Sometimes I feel I am stuck in my ways and just keep plodding along with the same things, yes I buy a few ebooks, courses and read lots of articles online about Internet Marketing, SEO etc etc and I do find when I find someone I trust and like I do stalk them a little bit 😉 and I buy most of their products as I know they are the real deal.

Carly is one of those people. She is a young Mom and she is making more than a full time income online and she is someone I trust and follow and stalk…. gee i sound a little weird don’t I? I first got to know her way of thinking in her first course Pinteresting Strategies – From 0-200k page views with manual pinning as I LOVE Pinterest but more on that later.

Carly’s new Affiliate Marketing Course – Everything you’re Missing is very detailed and she talks about a lot of things other’s don’t, like the Elephant in the Room. She can explain that to you.

She also goes into making money in other niches rather than the blogging niche which I love, freebie links which was a real eye opener for me, now I am going to tell you her Mommy blog has a few posts about postpartum and she does go into some gross information so hopefully you are not skirmish as that might be a little weird for some, but it is great to see post that are getting great traffic and are making money.

She also goes into link placement, highlight boxes which I have been doing for years and find are great.

The best part of the course for me was the Affiliate Marketing Through Email , Carly goes in to so much details she pretty much gives you the exact steps….. actually hang on she does give you the exact steps and emails she used to make a ton of sales from here email list. $5404.92 to be exact.

Okey dokey enough of me talking about this amazing course head over to her page and read for yourself and see some screen shots and testimonials.

Carly is the real deal she is open, honest and just a mom who decided that going back to work was not going to be an option for her after having her baby, so she worked damn hard to make her blog work and now only 2 years after starting not knowing anything about affiliate marketing is now living the stay at home Mom dream.

Carly is still going strong she has a fantastic facebook group call Blogging Like We Mean it with over 9000 people all very interactive with a wealth of knowledge I have been learning so much and everyone is so willing to help.

Click Here For Carly’s Course Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Everything You're Missing

Carly’s Pintereseting Strategies Course is just as amazing as here affiliate course:

Pinteresting Strategies By Carly

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Affiliate Marketing for beginners

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