Pegboard Nursery Storage

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Nursery Pegboard DIY Ideas You Can Do

Pegboard Nursery Storage: Using these pegboards to add extra storage to your nursery is a great ideas it you can make essential items easily accessible.

I am really am loving these pegboards for the nursery as when my kids were little and on the change table you needed everything right there so what a perfect idea to have baskets on the pegboards full of all the essentials like diapers, creams, wipes, little toys.

You can pretty much make your own pegboard and color it to match your theme of your nursery then add shelves and baskets to your own appeal.

Every parent has dream of what their baby nursery is going to look like I image. The excitement of tiny bubba arriving and you want everything to be perfect for your 1st child or even your 4th child. Organizing a Nursery can be fun and exciting but also loads of work as you want it just right.

Nursery storage can be either small closets you need to try and fit everything into or big rooms you find hard to fill up spaces whatever your circumstances you will find these Pegboard Nursery Storage ideas a great start to your nursery.

Below are some of my favorite ideas I have found for Pegboard Nursery storage ideas!

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Pegboard over Changing Table

Pegboard Nursery Storage Ideas above brown draws
Pegboard Nursery Storage above grey nursery draws

I know you will probably want the pegboard to be functional so these pegboard baskets are perfect as you can move them around as you like and the more you use them the more you will know where everything has to go to make them accessible to you and make your life easier.

You will most probably need quite a few pegboard baskets at different sizes for things like washcloths, diapers, creams and lotions. I also found that I could line then with some cute material (I am a sewer so this was easy for me to make them the perfect size) so things like combs and pins don’t drop through them.

You can get these pegboard hooks which are great to hang little jars off for the smaller items
Also don’t forget you can add some shelves to your pegboard to stand up some cute little items or to even just put the creams and lotions on. It really is a personal preference and I am sure you will get some great ideas here or on pinterest that will make your nursery pegboard perfect for you.

Pegboard Nursery Organizer

Pegboard with multiple baskets and hooks with baby items hanging from it
Newborn baby on a teal change table mat with teal pegboard above change table

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Pegboard Baskets

Baskets are a great idea to add to your pegboard as you can holds many items and the main one I would be using it for would be Diapers

Pegboard Storage above green change table
Pegboard Nursery Storage using an old mirror frame with pegboard in the center above change table

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Pegboard Accessories

Pegboard Nursery Storage above the change table in boys nursery
Pegboard Nursery Storage, brown and green color nursery

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Getting your baby’s nursery organized can be a daunting experience but loads of fun if you are a first time parent or if you have other children, going through all the teeny weeny clothes and baby items can make you feel a sense of joy and as the clothes are so tiny you need to make the storage areas fit the cute little items.

A pegboard does not just have to be on the wall for all to see you could also put it in the closet if you have the room as hanging baskets from it in there can make the nursery look so tidy as you can close the door but it also will make the baskets at a perfect height not on ground level so you are no constantly bending over or even reaching up if you put the baskets on the top shelf in a closet.

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With the teeny weeny clothes and bibs and booties and nappies you are able to pack quite a few items in the storage baskets then clip them to the pegboard and your nursery storage is well on its way to make your life easier.

With a new baby you will have so many extra gadgets and products than just clothes as you will probably be surprised that one little tiny human can have so much BUT remember you might be changing your baby multiple times a day.

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Pegboard Nursery Storage ideas
Pegboard Nursery Storage ideas

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