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Unfortunately this course has closed down. But you can check out this Affiliate Marketing course here

Pajama Affiliates is run by Robin and Lesley and these two ladies are pretty cool. They are both down to earth, humble and no fluff. I love how they teach and I have been following them for a couple of years now.

Pajama Affiliates Review

Robin started Pajama Affiliates and then she met Lesley in the Squidoo days and they became business partners.

Lesley has a Toy Blog which she is happy to share with her Facebook group and she makes a lot and I mean a lot of money from that one blog.

She was sharing her income each month which I loved but she has stopped now which is a shame but I think it is because some people became nasty. They thought she was making it up or thought she was bragging so she has stopped.

You know what she doesn’t have to prove her income to anyone. She knows what she makes and it keeps her family of 6 very nicely thank you very much. Just over 18 months ago she was living in a 2 bedroom unit and now she has bought her very first house, bought her husband a new truck and gives a lot to her Church.

Robin and Lesley have many Blog Classes and I have about 6 of them and I love them. They also have a Facebook group which you can join even if you do not own any of their classes and they give away so much free information on that Facebook group.

As you see below I have many images that you can click to check them out.

They also recommend a keyword tool which I have purchased through there affiliate link and I love it, really it has been a god sent for me.They also recommend Easy Product Display and I use it as well and it certainly makes things easier.

In Pajama Affiliates there are so many courses that can help you with getting started with a blog how to change your mindset about blogging I have listed all the courses below and you can check them all out and I am sure you will find one for you.

  • Affiliate Marketing Classes Business Bundle
  • Pajama Affiliates Home Page
  • Beginners Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Keyword & SEO For Beginners
  • How to Write a Blog Post that Converts
  • Buyer Keywords – Upgraded
  • Blogging Life Class
  • Targeting Class
  • Advanced Business Bundle
  • Complete Mentoring Service
  • Higher Commissions Academy
  • Blogger Holiday Gift Guide Bonus

Wow look at all those amazing courses these 2 have made and they are both successful bloggers, they are the real deal can you believe it.

Lesley was pregnant with her 4th child and she managed to make $11,000 in the month of October.

Because she has a great toy blog which she has worked hard on for a few years she was nearly able to sit back and watch the money just flow in with no extra effort on her part in the last month before giving birth to her son.

Do you dream of staying home with your children?

Does the thought of going back to work after having your baby make you sad?

Then follow these 2 ladies or any of the other bloggers I mention as I love and follow them all as they all teach different styles and different things and all of that put together makes for a great stay at home job of blogging.

pajama affiliates review

I enjoyed all the classes but a couple of my favorite are the bloggers Holiday Gift Guide Bonus as I love doing gift guides they can be quick and easy and I love looking up different items and learning about them myself. It feels like I am shopping except I don’t buy everything just most things ha ha. Don’t think my husband is too happy about this though oh well.

Now choosing the best buyer keywords is very important and this is something that you really should spend quite a lot of time on as keyword research is the key to getting a blog post out there.

Once you have the keywords you then want to learn how to do SEO (Search Engine optimization) now this is something your should learn early on in your blogging as it is super important, pajama affiliates have this Keyword and SEO course and I also recommend this and this Easy on page SEO for beginners ebook as Debbie knows her stuff and the great thing is you will learn so many different things from both of these you will be 10 steps ahead of everyone else

Holiday Buyer Keywords Secrets

✅Increase Your Blogs Income by following Pajama Affiliates

This tool was recommended to me by Pajama Affiliates and I use it now and again. I do like it but I find I also like a plugin I use that can great links to pictures on Amazon for me so I use both. it helps display your products that you promote nicely in you blog and they convert really well I find.

Find your blog passion

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Pajama Affiliates Review

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