PotPieGirls Pinterest Success Strategies

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Pinterest Improvement Master Plan

Pinterest Improvement Master Plan -Pimp your Pinterest

I am loving PotPieGirls new course on Pimping your Pinterest if you click the image above you will be taken to her site to watch a video she has made. I love everything she does with her blogging and find she really gets to the meat and potatoes of everything watch her video here.

Pinterest Success Strategies

I have been following Jennifer aka PotPieGirl for a number of years now.
I love her style, I love how she writes for us everyday people and I love how she breaks things to find a solution and it always seems like she is reading my mind. lol

potpiegirls pinterest success strategies

Jennifer has lots and lots of courses out as she has been doing this Internet Marketing thing for 10 years now. She never really discloses her income as she is not that kinda girl but she is making 6 figures and has been able to provide a full time income for her family.

Her Pinterest Success Strategies was the one that resonated with me as I am very visual and I love Pinterest so this one changed things for me and I highly recommend it. It was jam packed full of amazing content, she never ceases to amaze with with what she finds out when she “pops the hood” and goes down the rabbit hole.

Get Her Pinterest Success Strategies here NOW..

PotPieGirl loves herself some free traffic and in her Pinterest guide she shows you how to do. You can get schedulers to help but first it is best to learn how it works then you will be able to schedule all your pins.

I have started by doing it myself and I notice that I get the most traffic when I actually do BOTH manual pinning and use a scheduler. There are 3 main ones Tailwind, Boardbooster and Viraltag. I have tried all three and find they are great in there own ways. I also followed PotPieGirls Boardbooster strategy and that has certainly helped my results.

Update October 2018 BoardBooster is no longer an approved Pinterest site so I do not use it any more BUT I definitely follow Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies of Manual Pinning as well as PotPieGirls and I am also using Tailwind as I do believe Pinterest is the fasted way to get traffic to your blog.

Potpiegirl Pinterest success strategies

What Works Now

Another amazing training of hers is her ‘What Works Now’ I actually have a feeling she might be bringing out a new one very soon. wink wink.

She tests everything and then from all the data she can tell what is working and what isn’t and the because she is so kind she shares it with us. I love getting my hands on these ones.

PotPieGirl What Works Now for Amazon Affiliates

Jennifer also has some very good other courses which are all worth every cent.

You can check out her blog here as she adds some fantastic blog posts often

Other Related Pinterest Courses I Love

I don’t just follow 1 person for Pinterest I follow a few as it is great to get different perspectives on how to use it to your advantage these 2 bloggers are smashing it online and Pinterest has been a major factor in that:

Jennifer Maker has this very awesome Pinterest Experiment that she did and the results blew her mind she could not believe the fantastic results she got but she wrote it all down and you can get her ‘The Pinterest Launch Plan’ for a very reasonable price of $27 it is so worth every penny. I have followed this plan for a new blog and I am seeing some great results honestly it is not complicated you just have to be committed.

Carly is another amazing blogger who really is doing so well with Pinterest and she has a couple of courses that I recommend but her Pinterest Templates is by far the best course she has, although I am very partial to her teachings and have written a blog post about it. You can get her 2 amazing courses here as a bundle deal

{{Carly also has Pinterest Photoshop Templates if you use Photoshop which will help if you are struggling to get pins looking great.}}

Suzi from Start a mom blog has been such a wonderful influence in my blogging journey, honestly she is such a sweetheart, very real, very helpful and giving. Her courses are so easy to follow and I have loved the ones I have. Suzi does weekly lives on her facebook page and is always giving advise away for free. Join her facebook group as you will get so much out of it.

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