5 Ways To Start Your Bullet Journal

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5 Ways To Start Your Bullet Journal

Here are 5 quick ways to start your bullet journal and the basic things you will need to get started. This is only touching the surface and there is so much you can do with a Bullet Journal

5 Ways to start your bullet journal. Helpful tips and ideas of what to use when first starting.

Now I don’t want to be captain obvious here but to start Bullet Journaling your need a notebook.

I know, I know that is really obvious but that is the very beginning of this crazy journey we call Bullet Journaling.

As the name suggests you need a journal or notebook and they come in so many different styles and here I can tell you about 3 different types of journals to help you get started.

The main thing to remember is just start, do no procrastinate over which notebook to get because you can always get another one when you have finished the first there are no set rules here.

Best Bullet Journal Notebooks

A Plain Notebook:

The easiest way to get started is with any notebook that you have lying around. Of course you can also pick up an inexpensive one at the store. If you just want to give this a try, it doesn’t matter if it’s ruled, lined, or has blank pages. Any type of notebook will work.

The advantage is that it’s easy and inexpensive to find something to play around with. The disadvantage is that inexpensive notebooks tend to fall apart after a lot of use, aren’t very customizable, and you have number the pages yourself. That being said, I recommend this is where you start. Give it a try and see if bullet journaling will work for you. If so, you can move on to one of the other types of notebooks.

A Leuchtturn or Moleskine Notebook:

When you’re ready to upgrade to a journal you’ll enjoy writing in and are proud to display, consider spending a few dollars on a Moleskin or Leuchtturm notebook. You’ll end up with a nice sturdy book that you can carry around with you or keep by your desk.

In addition to making your bullet journaling a nicer experience, a quality notebook has some added benefits. The paper will be nicer to write on, it usually has quite a few pages, so you may be able to fit an entire year’s worth of notes and journaling in one notebook.

Bullet journaling requires you to use numbered pages in your journal for indexing. There are a few editions available that include numbered pages including the Leuchtturm 1917 journal.

A Travel Journal or Midori:

A third option is a travel journal or midori. This consists of a piece of leather used as a cover and a series of replaceable inserts held in place by elastic bands. The big advantage of using a Midori style journal for your bullet journaling is that it’s highly customizable. Instead of using an index and having your collections or lists randomly spread throughout your journal, you can keep a dedicated insert for collections.

If you’re missing a more traditional calendar layout for your monthly pages, you can use a more traditional monthly and weekly calendar in your bullet journal.

by having the essential parts of your bullet journal (monthly spreads, daily sections, and collections) separated, you can replace only the parts you need to replace. That means when your daily journaling notebook is full, you simply start a new one, and there’s no need to go back and copy over any essential collections in a new journal. You keep your collections until you’re ready to replace it and start a new journal for those.

Best Pens For Your Bullet Journal:

If you have any colored pens or textas they will do yo really do not want to go out and spend a fortune on this new hobby of yours just use what you have to start. BUT if you do decide to go out and get some pens then here are a few of they really good ones to use.

You cannot go wrong with any of these they will slide on the paper beautifully.

  • Sharpie Art Pens & Sharpie Fine Pens.
  • Paper Mate Flair Felt-Tipped Pen.
  • Faber-Castell Manga PITT Pens.
  • Staedtler Pigment Liner Sketch Pens.
  • Pilot Metropolitan.
  • Tombow Fudenosuke (a.k.a “Fude”)
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens.
  • Staedtler Triples Fine-liners.

Make sure you go with what you like not what others are using as bullet journalling is such a personal thing and you make it how you desire it to be not how others make theirs. if you prefer color go with color, if you prefer black and white stay with that.

Ruler and Pencil:

I find that this is a given with anyone who is starting to bullet journal as you will need to rule lines and you also may want to do things in pencil first then go over it in colors or texta’s.

==> Need some extra tips on Bullet Journalling the easy way then this might help

Bullet Journal Stickers and Tape

Stickers Oh boy I could probably write a whole post about gorgeous stickers oh i digress, stickers add a sense of personality to any bullet journal and these are really personal. They can be used in so many different ways. Holiday stickers are my favorite, but also they cute animal ones oh and the gorgeous colors and do you think I love the stickers???

The tapes that are available are amazing there are a million and one different colors and designs they can be used in any part of your journal.

Bullet Journal Stensils:

The 5th thing I suggest you need to get to help you start your bullet journal is some stensils. They can really add an eye for detail as sometime you might not be able to think of what you need to draw or cannot draw it they the stensils will really help.

How you use your bullet journal is up to you. Use the list above to get started with your bullet journal these are just 5 of the main things you need to get started but there are so many more options.

Remember, it is a tool that’s supposed to make your life easier, more enjoyable, and more inspired. Make it work for you.

5 Ways To Start a Bullet Journal

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