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My daughter was in her room and was very quite so I went in and said “What are you doing?” She said, “Making a Bullet Journal?” I said “What is a Bullet Journal?”

Well that started her showing me what she had done where she had found out what it was and how she started her very own. So guess what? That got me on a mission to find out more.

My Bullet Journal Begin Journaling

How had I not heard of a Bullet Journal before was I living under a rock. Oh my goodness when I started digging deeper I came across so many beautiful and very creative ideas for Bullet Journaling. WOW what a fantastic idea it is for those who want to get organized but also for those that are a little creative.

It was started by a guy called Ryder he needed something to track the past, organize the present and plan for the future! It is the difference between being busy and being productive.

Once you get the hang of it you can be as creative as you like. It is for you so do it how you like it not how others do it. My daughter is very creative and only young so hers has more images and colors in it that the one I have made but that is totally fine. So if you want to know how to begin bullet journaling then here it is.

Journaling is a wonderful way for teens to express themselves, using a bullet journal is a fabulous way for the creative teens to really love and enjoy their creative side.

What Is A Bullet Journal

Bullet Journaling has been a hot trend for a little while in the planner and getting organized communities online, but it may not be something that you’ve heard of. If not, you’re in for a treat. If you love to-do lists and check-lists, this is something you don’t want to miss.

Bullet Journal Page Ideas

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If you have too many things to remember and think about on a daily basis and you need a simple system to help you keep track, bullet journaling was made for you.

We all have a lot of different daily tasks, appointments, and various things we need to remember. Trying to keep track of everything in your head becomes exhausting.

If you manage a team at work or a family at home, it becomes near impossible. Just think of how much more productive and less stressed you’ll be if you can stop trying to remember all this “stuff”.

A bullet journal is a way of keeping track of everything you need to do in one notebook. It usually consists of three different parts.

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The first part includes the index and key. They will occupy the first two pages of your journal and help you stay on track with what’s where and how the journal works.

The second part consists of a monthly log or calendar, and then running daily entries. More on how these work in a minute.

The last part of a bullet journal is something called collections or lists. They are just that, lists of related things you want to keep track of. For example, you may have a list of books you want to read, or a list of clients you need to contact this month.

The idea with a bullet journal is that you set aside two pages for your index and then record things as they come up throughout your day, week, or month. At the beginning of the month you set up a monthly page. This is your space to record appointments, anniversaries and the likes. Some bullet journalers will simply make a list of 1-30 (or 31) and then leave space to note appointments as they come up. Others prefer to draw a more traditional monthly calendar grid over two pages. Try both and see what works better for you. As you draw each monthly grid or list at the beginning of the month, make a note of what page it is on in your index.

Bullet Journal

On the next blank page, enter today’s date and start recording things you need to take care of, appointments to keep today, and anything else you need to keep track of including quick notes and ideas. This is where you key comes in handy. There are two common ways to do your key along with many variations in between.

Original Key:

? Task
¦ Completed Task
? Migrated Task

? Appointment
? Completed Appointment
? Migrated Appointment

– Notes

New Key

? (Dot) Task
X Completed Task
> Migrated Task

Appointments and notes are used as before.

Any task on your list can be crossed out if it is no longer applicable or needed.

Pick the key system that seems most intuitive for you and start recording the things you need to keep track of and remember in your Bullet Journal. One way to think of it is as the ultimate ongoing to-do list.

At the end of the day, review your list. Things that have not been completed need to either be crossed out because they are no longer relevant and important, or they should be moved to a tomorrow. If you don’t want to, or can’t tackle an item or two the next day, leave it open and make sure you review and work it in at a later date.

Bullet Journal Tips

Tips for Bullet Journaling

Now is probably the best time to start Bullet Journaling, with everything going on in the world I suspect a lot of people have time on their hands and probably don’t really know what to do with themselves. We all know that putting pen to paper is such a good idea for mental well being and if you are a creative person then you will most probably be doing that already. 

Some of the common things we see with successful Bullet Journal Lovers is that they are constantly using their bullet journals, all day every day. So as with any thing new you really should keep at it and you might be surprised at actually home much you really love it.

Tips for Bullet Journaling

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Tip To Start A Bullet Journal

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