Valentines Baby Shower Party Ideas

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The LOVE is in the air and what a fantastic time to celebrate your love for your new baby than to have a Valentine’s Baby Shower- Don’t panic it does not have to be on Feb 14th! Anytime in February would be just perfect as the song goes “LOVE is in the air” for sure.

Heart balloons with writing overlay Valentines Baby Shower Party Ideas

If you keep reading you will see some really cute and gorgeous Valentines Baby Shower Party Ideas that I am sure you will love to replicate and make your self, don’t forget to get the Party games with answer sheets here.

Baby shower Nursery Rhyme game is included in the pack along with who knows Mommy best, The Price Is right, Word Scramble, Word search, Baby crossword and a few other fun games as well as some added bonuses.

Valentines Baby shower cake

The cakes can be pink and that would be perfect for a Valentines Baby Shower it doesn’t have to be a heart shape this is such a personal preference but I do love this gorgeous pink cake.

Pink Valentines Baby Shower Cake

Making a cake can be a little daunting but if you have a picture of exactly what you want then you can pass it on to family members or friends who are willing to help you make it or you might want to go to a professional cake maker to get it done which is perfectly Ok just make sure you know what you want and can describe it perfectly or you can show a image of you will find so many beautiful Valentines baby shower cakes on Pinterest.

You might be interested in these Heart printable Baby shower games with answers

Valentine’s Wafer Cookies

Pink Wafer cookies with white chocolate

Making these wafer cookies is really simple and you check out how to do them at
You really only need 3 ingredients so they are super simple and quick so not stress for your baby shower

Heart Cookies

Chocolate covered heart cookies
Also by they have made these really adorable heart shaped chocolate chip cookies again simple as, look just to die for – I so want to make these for every party as they are so yummy.
You can get the free Printable for this recipe

Strawberry Sugar WafersStrawberry Sugar WafersStrawberry Sugar WafersWilton Valentine's Day SprinklesWilton Valentine’s Day SprinklesWilton Valentine's Day SprinklesSilicone Baking MatSilicone Baking MatSilicone Baking Mat

Valentines baby shower ideas for decorations and sweets can be as easy as adding hearts and red and pinks.
If you are looking for Valentines baby shower ideas for boys then that can be a simple as changing the hearts to blue or even keeping the red hearts and adding a darker color like blue, green or even purple. There really is no right or wrong color it is a personal preference so just have a play around with it.

Pink Heart Chocolate Pretzels

Pink Heart Chocolate Pretzels
Love the idea of salty pretzels and sweet chocolate? Then why not serve these delicious sweet treats at your Baby Shower, so easy to make as are loads of the other ideas I have for youin this post and we all love easy don’t we.
Grab the recipes here at

Heart Garland

DIY Heart Garland
If you plan on decorating your baby shower yourself and you can sew then this heart garland would be pefect tohang above the gift table or grazing table. You can use any fabric you choose and that can tie in with your decoration theme.
The instructions are here at

Donut Skewers with Hearts

These donut skewers are a wonderful idea and just adding a little heart or 2 to the end of the skewer is such a lovely idea and adds that little extra flare. Plus you don’t have to make the donuts you can just buy your favorite donuts put a skewer though add a heart and there you have a wonder snack idea

Valentine's Baby Shower BackdropValentine’s Baby Shower BackdropValentine's Baby Shower BackdropValentine's Day Pink Heart Balloon BackdropValentine’s Day Pink Heart Balloon BackdropValentine's Day Pink Heart Balloon BackdropElephants Cupcake Toppers w/h Red HeartsElephants Cupcake Toppers w/h Red HeartsElephants Cupcake Toppers w/h Red Hearts

Love Balloon Wall

Balloons are my favorite decoration for any party, I have recently made Balloon Garlands for 1st Birthday Parties and a couple of Baby Showers and they have turned out amazing and they are so easy to make I could not believe how easy!

My cousin showed me as she is an event planner and makes them all the time.

So easy and they look amazing. Letters and colors of the theme always add that extra flare. The one above is perfect to fill in the fire place space and flowers around add a little extra.

Pretty Pink and Red Valentines Party Ideas

Valentines Pink and Red GarlandValentines Pink and Red GarlandValentines Pink and Red GarlandHeart  Party Favor BoxesHeart Party Favor BoxesHeart  Party Favor Boxes


Pink Strawberry Cookies

Pink Strawberry cookies

Ok so I am a sucker for cookies, so is my daughter agghhh. When I saw these on Pinterest I thought what a fabulous idea they still look very edible and they would be a really nice favor to give your guests as they left. Or maybe you could just put them on the grazing table and eat them, yep I think that is a better idea. lol
Full recipe at

Chocolate covered heart pretzels

Grazing Table

Valentine grazing table

Pink Velvet Cake Roll

Anything that has pink in it for Valentines Parties are going to be a hit I suspect, these Pink Velvet Cake rolls and Cheesecake bars look amazing and quite easy to make.

==> Valentine Popcorn

Pink and Red Cake Pops

Pink and Red Cake Pops

Pink and White Marshmallow Pops and or Pink and Red cake pops are a great treat and I just love them. They are easy to make and you will be surprised how amazing that look at any baby shower.

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Cake Pop MoldValentine’s Day Heart Shaped Cake Pop MoldValentine's Day Heart Shaped Cake Pop MoldPaper Lollipop Sucker Sticks for Cake PopsPaper Lollipop Sucker Sticks for Cake PopsPaper Lollipop Sucker Sticks for Cake PopsHeart Cupcakes Wrappers and ToppersHeart Cupcakes Wrappers and ToppersHeart Cupcakes Wrappers and Toppers

Baby Shower Favors

Making your favors for your baby shower is a wonderful idea and I am all for spending the time doing it as your guest will really appreciate it and you will feel so good giving it. These cute valentines gift boxes are perfect as favor boxes as you can add a few little candies inside and the look divine.
Valentines Gift Box
You can get the instructions and free printable at

These bath bomb baby shower favors are probably the easiest favors to make and they look super cute. You could just buy the bath bombs and then wrap them in crepe paper or follow this recipe and make them yourself

Hope you are getting excited about your Valentines Baby Shower and you should have been able to get some great ideas here to get the party started. I hope you have a wonderful day and remember LOVE is in the air.

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Valentines baby shower ideas for parties pin image of pink heart balloons


Valentines Baby Shower Ideas pin image of pink cake pops
Valentines Baby Shower Party Ideas.

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