Ever After High Characters and Dolls

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The Ever After High Characters and Dolls are based on the web series that began in 2013. The setting for the series is a fictional boarding school. The characters are the offspring of favorite fairytale characters.


The series features the characters who want to remain as Royals, which means they want to follow the destiny as their fairytale parents did. It also features the Rebels – characters who want to make a destiny that they choose rather than one that’s been decided for them.

Ever After High Characters and Dolls

Ever After High Characters and Dolls

Raven Queen is one of the characters on the series and she’s the offspring of the Evil Queen. Not content with having her destiny decided for her, she breaks with tradition in an attempt to choose her own.


The Ever After High Raven Queen Doll is created like the character. The doll comes with her trademark stand up collar and spiked headband. She also has her bracelets and ring. The doll comes with a bookmark that shows she’s on the Rebel side

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Apple White is Snow White’s daughter. Unlike the famed character of Snow White, Apple has blond hair. The Ever After High Apple White Doll has a crown headband, an apple purse, bright red shoes and comes with a story bookmark showing that’s she’s chosen to side with the Royals.

Apple White Ever After Doll

The daughter of Goldilocks is Blondie Lockes and she rules the boarding school’s gossip mill. She’s chosen to align herself with the Royals as well. The Ever After High Blondie Lockes Fashion Doll wears a dress featuring the three bears on the skirt portion. She comes with a lock purse, a bracelet and a charming hair bow

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A member of the Ever After Royals in the series, Lizzie Hearts has a British accent. At first view, she comes across as a bit harsh – but is actually quite lovable. The Ever After High Lizzie Hearts Doll comes dressed in a red and black dress paired with tights that have heart decorations on them. She has red and black hair and carries a heart shaped purse.

Holly O’Hair and Poppy O’Hair are twin sisters and their fairytale mother is Rapunzel. Holly has long hair and is carrying out the destiny of her mother’s fairytale because it’s assumed she’s the firstborn daughter.

Holly OHair Ever after doll

But it was actually Poppy who is. However, Poppy, who wears her hair short, isn’t convinced that following her Royal destiny is what she wants from life. The Ever After High Holly O’Hair and Poppy O’Hair Doll come as a two pack.

Ever After High Characters and Dolls

Holly wears a purple skirt with metallic designs, fishnet stockings and a crown created from flowers. Poppy wears leather pants and a skirt featuring long locks with scissors aimed at the locks.

The Ever After High Ashlynn Ella & Hunter Huntsman Doll is a two pack and features the daughter of Cinderella and the son of the Huntsman. Ashlynn has chosen the Royals and Hunter has chosen the Rebels.

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