Monster High Boo York Dolls

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The Monster High Doll craze wow! Most young girls have been hit by the craze, although some parents might not really like the look of them they are very popular.

The creation of Monster High came to life in 2010 and the popularity of the dolls and related toys haven’t waned. The characters in the Monster High series are the children of famous monsters down through the years. The all new Monster High Boo York Dolls are so popular now.

Monster High Boo York Dolls

Monster High Boo York Dolls

The newest additions are the Monster High Boo York Dolls these dolls are the Monster High ghouls and they are heading to Boo York City for the historic passing of the Crystal Comet and a hair-raising gala and monster skull-ebration.

Their adventures introduce them to new beast friends carving their way in the big city. With Luna Mothews, daughter of the Moth Man; Mouscedes King, daughter of the Rat King; and Elle Eedee, daughter of The Robot. Each wears her fiercest fashion and out-of-this-world accessories for the gala event that will skull-ebrate the comet’s passing.

monster high boo york luna mathews doll

Luna Mothews doll shines in a goth-moth inspired print with mesmerizing wings of her own and an antenna headband that is cute as a bug’s ear. You can use the included doll stand and doll hairbrush to style dolls to capture a flawesome moment.

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These characters all attend Monster High, which is a school exclusively for them. Frankie Stein is Frankenstein’s daughter and she’s one of the sweet characters. She’s known also for having two different colored eyes.

monster high boo york gala doll

One is blue and the other is green. She also has both black and white hair. The Monster High Original Favorites Frankie Stein Doll comes dressed in her original plaid dress with necktie.

Monster High Frankie Stein DollMonster High Frankie Stein DollMonster High Frankie Stein DollMonster High Boltin' Bicycle Frankie Stein Doll & VehicleMonster High Frankie Stein Doll & VehicleMonster High Boltin' Bicycle Frankie Stein Doll & VehicleMonster High Frightfully Tall Ghouls Frankie Stein DollMonster High Frightfully Tall Ghouls Frankie SteinMonster High Frightfully Tall Ghouls Frankie Stein Doll


She’s also wearing the zebra striped shoes. You can get fashionable outfits for this doll with the Monster High Frankie Stein Deluxe Fashion Pack. The set comes with two outfits, a jacket, shoes, earrings and a purse.

Frankie also has the Monster High Frankie’s Vanity Playset that you can get. This set has a vanity table and chair, makeup, perfume, a hair dryer and more. Another character in the series is Clawdeen Wolf.

monster high boo york frightseers operetta doll

Her father is the Werewolf. With the Monster High Travel Scaris Clawdeen Wolf Doll, you can get the original doll, with jewelry, a suitcase and journal. Like the other characters in the series, she rules the school.

The school makes the perfect backdrop for Clawdeen and her schoolmates. The Monster High, High School Playset has rooms like the ones shown in the series – including the creepateria.

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monster high boo york dolls

It’s two stories high and filled with ghoulish fun. It comes with many spooky accessories including a three eyed frog. The characters can store their possessions in their school lockers and keep them safe with the skull locks.

Monster High Playset:

Monster High Freaky Fusion Catacombs Playset

Another playset is the Monster High Freaky Fusion Catacombs Playset. This one has three levels and there’s room for up to 15 of the dolls to fit in the playset. The elevator can take the dolls from one spooky floor to the next.

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There are cool places to hang with friends like the café or the balcony. There’s also an underground lab where the characters can get together and create ghoulish surprises. The set comes with lab tables and chairs, accessories for the lab, books, a laptop, torches, dishes, food, doll clips and more.

Deuce Gorgon is the son of Medusa and is well-liked. He enjoys skateboarding and has the power to change people into stone. He is the love interest of character Cleo De Nile on the series.

The Monster High Scaris Deuce Gorgon Doll comes with the sunglasses like Deuce wears to keep his power under control. The doll also has the hair snakes and comes with a travel bag.

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