DIY Bear Valentine’s Day Pop Up Card

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Many people love to craft. They like the feeling of being creative, imagining something, and making it a reality, and it can also be very therapeutic. It is also something that we often can enjoy doing with our children. What is it with kids and crafts?

It is the idea of sticking things together, painting, coloring, and decorating that just gets them so excited and gives you a few moments of peace when you need it the most. But, as parents, although it can be fun, it can also be a little overwhelming. Pinterest makes any craft look simple and fun, and while that is mostly the case, finding the right craft to enjoy is the key. 

Valentine's Day Pop Up Card

This is where I wanted to share with you this easy card that you can recreate at home. A cute card that is perfect for Valentine’s day, the teddy bear pop up card is a great option to consider to create yourself or enjoy with your children to give to loved ones. So if you are interested in giving the teddy bear pop up card a try, then here are all the details that you need to make it. 

Everything that you need to create the teddy bear pop up card

First of all, you need to get a few essentials. Before you start any crafting session, getting everything you need together is a great way to help you be organised. 

How to make the teddy bear pop up card

Now that you have everything that you need to recreate the teddy bear pop up card here are the steps to follow. Take your time and enjoy it. 

  1. First of all, download the template and then print it out. You will then need to cut out the pieces for the teddy bear.
  2. Take the teddy bear’s ears, belly, and mouth and glue them together. 
  3. Then glue the teddy bear’s paws and legs/arms. You will now see the teddy bear start to take shape in front of you. 
  4. Now for some details. Draw the teddy bear’s nose and eyes using a marker pen.
  5. The last final cute detail to add to the teddy bear is the heart. Glue the small red heart on the teddy bear.
Valentines Day Bear pop Up Card Steps to Make it
  1. The next step is to create the card itself. Cut out your card from cardstock paper.
  2. Draw two vertical lines on the closed end of the card. At this stage, you can use the card template for guidance. 
  3. Cut along the vertical lines and fold them horizontally according to the template.
  4. Press the folded area inside the card to create your pop socket.
  5. Open the card. Now you have the basis for your teddy bear pop up card. 
  6. Glue the Happy valentine’s day quote inside the card to give it that extra attention to detail.
Valentines Day Bear pop Up Card Steps to Make it
  1. Glue the teddy bear on the pop socket.
  2. Now heading back to the card template, you need to cut out the gift boxes.
  3. Glue the gift boxes beside the teddy bear.
  4. The last little detail would be to glue two hearts in the background.
  5. Finally, cut out a cover for your card.
  6. Glue the cover on the back and you are complete. You now have your Valentine’s teddy bear pop up card ready to give to the person you love. 
Teddy Bear Valentines Day pop Up Card Final Steps to Make it

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Extra notes and tips 

There will always be extra notes and tips that you can consider to ensure that you recreate this teddy bear pop-up card with ease. So here are some of the things to consider. 

  • As this craft requires you to use scissors, it is always a good idea to be careful. If your children are using the scissors, it will be worth getting them some age-appropriate ones to use so that you can feel assured. Always supervise children when using scissors. 
  • Print everything off and cut out any of the templates that you need in advance. As this requires a bit of assembling, it is far easier to have all the parts cut out and ready to stick together. 

Variations to try

Like with anything, there will always be fun variations that you can try. So I thought I would make a few suggestions to help you get creative. 

  • Why not add some more detail to the teddy bear before you stick it to the card? You could paint the bear, or even add some stickers or glitter. There is a lot you can do with this and as the template gives you the basic outline and look, you can start to make your teddy bear pop up card a little more unique. This will work well if you plan on making more than one. 
  • Use different colored cards. If you don’t fancy getting the paints out or coloring, you could use colored cards instead? Use the template in different colors and cut it out as desired. 


Finally, sometimes people have questions they need answering, so I have tried to cover some of the common ones below. However, if I have not answered them here please leave a comment or get in touch directly through my socials. 

What can I do in advance to prepare for this craft?

One of the best things to do with any craft is to get everything you need in advance set up and ready. For this particular craft, you are using a template, and so have everything cut out before you start so that it is simply putting it all together. 

What if I don’t have any coloured cards?

Colored card works well for this particular craft, especially as it has a Valentine’s theme. But you can use whatever colored card that you have. 

How long does it take?

This craft isn’t one that will take you too long, but you will need to wait for the glue to dry at certain times before moving on to the next step. The glue will fully need to dry before you give the card to someone. 

Hopefully, you will all have fun creating your teddy bear pop up card. 

Teddy Bear Valentines Day Pop Up Card Pinterest Pin

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