LEGO Creator Treehouse 31010 Toy Interlocking Building Set

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Is your child super creative? If so, the LEGO Creator Treehouse 31010 Toy Interlocking Building Set is a toy they’ll surely love. It features a dynamic 3-in-1 design which allows them to build up the set into 3 completely different interactive locations and fully exercise their creativity. It also includes a mini figure and plenty of accessories which add to the enjoyment and make this a toy they’ll keep coming back to.

Product Information

  • Recommended Ages = 7 to 12 years old
  • Total Pieces = 356

Product Features

3-in-1 model which can be rebuilt into:

  • A treehouse which has a hollow tree and an upper level with a telescope (which measures 7 inches x 6 inches x 4 inches)
  • A farmyard barn which has a small jetty, removable roof and pizza oven (which measures 3 inches x 6 inches x 4 inches)
  • A lakeside hut which has an upper level with ladder access, a large wheelbarrow and a garden (which measures 4 inches x 4 inches x 4 inches)

LEGO Creator Treehouse 31010 Toy Interlocking Building Set

Lego creator Treehouse

Pieces include:

  • 2 tree trunks
  • 1 detachable treehouse with detachable roof
  • 1 fold-down ladder and storage area
  • 1 secret trapdoor with lock and red bucket trap

Accessories include:

  • 1 child mini figure
  • 1 frog
  • 1 pizza
  • 1 trash can
  • 1 treasure map
  • 1 walkie talkie

Plus Points

  1. Versatile Design: The 3-in-1 design really sets the LEGO Creator Treehouse Toy Interlocking Building Set apart from other LEGO playsets. Being able to build 3 unique locations instead of just 1 fixed location adds hours of value to this toy. Your child will be able to spend much more time building up the treehouse, farmyard barn and lakeside hut, and also playing with each of these 3 structures when they’re complete.
  1. Attention To Detail: As you’d probably expect with a LEGO product, the level of detail in the LEGO Creator Treehouse Toy Interlocking Building Sets is amazing. It features a fully operational fold down ladder, winch and water trap, as well as a wide range of accessories that can be used by the child mini figure. There’s so much to explore and use, and your child will have lots of fun doing it.

3. Clear Instructions: One final plus point of the LEGO Creator Treehouse Toy Interlocking Building Set is the easy to follow visual instructions. These instructions perfectly demonstrate all the steps that are required to make each of the 3 structures.

We all know LEGO is very popular with boys, girls and adults. This LEGO tree house is just a fantastic toy for kids between 7-12 years old and as you can see it is quite a time consuming LEGO with over 356 pieces.

I don’t know about you but I love watching my son do LEGO I find it very rewarding watching him try and read the instructions but more often than not he just looks at the pictures to work it all out. He is obviously visual in that way.

The smile on his face when he has finished building his LEGO is priceless. I always take a photo of the competed item as I know when his younger sister comes along there is a good chance she will try and destroy it. You know with this day and age and so many kids just sitting in front on the television or ipad, ipod or computer I just love seeing kids do LEGO, as it really is so good for fine motor skills, eye hand co-ordination and so many other learning, growing developments skills are needed to build LEGO.

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