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As mom’s life is hectic and life is busy and some days you are auto pilot just going and going and going. With everything going on it is such a lovely idea to put notes in you families lunch boxes so when they open them up they get a lovely surprise.

Love notes can be quotes, family jokes, any joke just a symbol like a heart or a love note you can make you own or get some printable lunch notes that you can print off and cut up and add to your kids or spouses lunch box.

Shop here for some Printable Lunch Notes:

Printable Lunch Box Notes

There are so many free printable lunchbox notes with a huge variety of things on them I am sure will find some below that you love.

Also just a tip I have found very useful is I laminate mine so I can reuse them, save paper and the environment. You can then write on them with a whiteboard marker and wipe them clean and write a different note. Once you have checked out some printable lunch box notes below you could even make your own either drawing your own picture or just writing notes like “I Love You” or “Have a Great Day” or “Be a good Friend” or “you are the apple of my eye”

If you don’t want to print any out and cut them and laminate them then have a look on Amazon as they have some really cool and cute Lunch box notes there and at prices.

Lunch Box Notes

Crystal and Co. – Animal Lunch Box Notes

Capturing Joy – Frozen Lunch Box Notes

This Mama Loves – Princess Lunch Box Notes

Lunchbox Love Notes:

These are some cool one you can just go to the website and down load them here

Cute Lunch Notes

you can add these cute lunch box notes to these cute lunch boxes.

Lunch Box Jokes

==> Need some inspiration for kids and toddler lunches? 

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